674510 norton 360 degree security 2013 editioNorton 360 2013

Published in Software by mfereday on Nov 10, 2012
With an indication that it is an all round product, the latest version of Norton 360 is now available and comes with the claim of providing “ultimate protection for you and your PC”.

674512 paintshop pro x5 ultimate graphics packagPaint Shop Pro X5 Ultimate

Published in Software by mfereday on Nov 6, 2012
Many more years ago than I care to remember, I installed a Shareware product on my Windows 3.1 system - I told you it was many years ago. This product was the JASC developed Paint Shop Pro. Designed to convert images between different file formats and capture screen grabs, the software could easily fit on a floppy disk of the 360K variety. There was still room left over for other files of that period. I was reminded of this compact piece of coding wh
It was Peter Norton who first revealed that deleted files were not actually deleted. Instead their disk presence in the FAT (File Allocation File) was marked as being available for use by other data. This meant it was possible, with the appropriate tools, to resurrect a file if it had not been over-written by subsequent data.

674308 adobe photoshop elements 1A Less-Expensive Sibling

Published in Software by mfereday on Oct 27, 2012
While you might feel that Adobe’s market-leading professional graphics product, Photoshop, is priced well beyond your current budget restrictions, there is a possible alternative that has also been developed by Adobe. This is Photoshop Elements which is now up to version 11. This product costs approximately one tenth the price of its much bigger sibling.

673611 Dragon Naturally speaking 12 premiuDragon NaturallySpeaking 12

Published in Software by mfereday on Oct 18, 2012
While you may not fancy holding a conversation with your computer, it can handle your dictation with the help of appropriate software.

Wisepilot Navigator

Published in Software by mfereday on Sep 27, 2012
Are dedicated Satnav devices are on the decline. Smartphones and other mobile devices seem to be encroaching on their territory with mapping and directional offerings.

668671 Dragon Naturally speaking 12 premiuDragon Gets More Natural

Published in Software by adrianmorant on Sep 16, 2012
Dragon NaturallySpeaking version 12 is the latest incarnation of a long established speech recognition program. In step with increases in PC power, its speed and accuracy has been steadily improving. In fact, it can be argued that the performance is now such that even touch typists could find it worthwhile.

ESET Smart Security

Published in Software by mfereday on Sep 15, 2012
There are numerous products offering to protect your computer from malware. One such offering is ESET Smart Security.

666754 magix photo stort deluxe on dvPhoto Story on DVD MX Deluxe

Published in Software by mfereday on Sep 1, 2012
I can remember when photos used to end up stored in boxes or the occasional album if they were particularly precious. This was the time when photos were predominately black and white and were printed on photographic paper rather than the digital variety we have today.

665262 tuneup utilities 201TuneUp Utilities 2012

Published in Software by mfereday on Aug 9, 2012
While a new version of an OS (Operating System), such as Windows, might take a number of years to make a commercial appearance, utilities designed to keep the OS running smoothly operate on a short gestation period.

665779 filemaker pro 12 database softwarFileMaker Pro 12

Published in Software by paul_smart on Aug 3, 2012
For nearly all this programs twenty year life I have used it, right from its first incarnation as a flat file offering, this soon changed to relational and now many businesses are run almost totally from end to end on FileMaker Pro.

664191 condusiv diskeeper 201A new outlook for Diskeeper

Published in Software by mfereday on Jul 28, 2012
With a different company name and a newly designed interface, there is a new look to an old favourite with DIskeeper 2012.

664126 nuance pdf converter professional PDF Converter Professional 8

Published in Software by mfereday on Jul 14, 2012
A product’s installation routine not only sets up the software for your use but also provides you with your initial introduction to the particular title. Generally installation routines fall into the category of “joy-to-use” or bring the user face-to-face with various problems. Sad to say the installation for this next product under review was more inclined towards the latter type. The product in question is PDF Converter Professional 8 from Nuance.
Serif’s PagePlus has been around for a number of years and has established itself as a useful and versatile DTP package that is relatively easy to use. This latest version, PagePlus X6 adds a number of additional features which increases its scope so that, if anything, it has become more versatile and easier to use.

663484 xara designer pro x graphic softwarDesigner Pro X

Published in Software by mfereday on Jul 5, 2012
Although a fully paid up member of the MAGIX family, Xara continues to release its graphics products under its own brand name. The latest title is Designer Pro X.

663483 serif webplus x6 website design softwarWebsite Building Software

Published in Software by mfereday on Jul 3, 2012
Whether the subject is an Album, Draw, Movie, Page, Photo or Web with a Plus attachment then you can be pretty certain that it is a Serif product that is under discussion. In this case the product is Serif’s latest WebPlus title which is now up to version X6. This title comes with the tag line of “Professional Quality Websites made Easy”.

663835 corel word perftect xCorel WordPerfect X6

Published in Software by paul_smart on June 29, 2012
Hands up those of a certain age such as me who used WordPerfect as a Dos product and then as an early Windows offering before Microsoft Word seemed to rule the world, but still in the legal and medical world WordPerfect rules.

662713 Anthropics Portrait ProfessionaA Portrait Option

Published in Software by mfereday on June 28, 2012
Looking good is often a prime consideration especially when distributing images to others. Airbrushing out imperfections is possible with this next product.

662712 xara photo graphic designer 201Xara Photo & Graphics Designer MX v8

Published in Software by mfereday on June 26, 2012
This next product is described as “the world’s fastest drawing program” and I am not going to argue with this statement.

662653 filemaker pro 1FileMaker Pro 12

Published in Software by mfereday on June 19, 2012
While databases are not everybody’s cup of tea or coffee for that matter, they can fulfil a useful task in keeping your data organised.

662651 sony imagination studio Imagination Studio 3

Published in Software by mfereday on June 16, 2012
When I think of Sony, my thoughts gravitate towards hardware such as BRAVIA televisions, PlayStation consoles, VAIO laptops and a range of mobile phones. However, as the subject of this review goes to prove, Sony does have a software department that is responsible for the Windows-based Imagination Studio. Now up to version 3, this package brings together tools for video, photo and audio tasks plus DVD authoring.