This is a Multi-Function Device in that it can print, scan, copy and for those who still use it fax. Unlike the recent offering that was monochrome this is colour and of course somewhat larger but in real terms really not that much larger.

787900 Canon PIXMA MX53Canon PIXMA MX535

Published in Printers/Scanners by mfereday on May 3, 2014
The Canon PIXMA MX535 is a multifunction device that offers print, scan, copy and Fax capabilities. Other features include an ADF (Automatic Document Feed) and automatic Duplex printed to help save on paper. There is support for both wired and wireless connectivity when adding this device to your computer set-up.

787899 Brother ADS 1100W   Wireless Compact Desktop ScanneA Dedicated Scanner

Published in Printers/Scanners by mfereday on Apr 29, 2014
Many of the scanners that come by way, for testing, form part of an All-in-One or multifunction devices. However there are exceptions and this is one of those occasions.

782378 Brother MFC 1810 A4 Mono Laser Multifunction All In One PrinteBrother MFC-1810

Published in Printers/Scanners by mfereday on Apr 22, 2014
While most All-in-One devices are based on an inkjet printer, this next model from Brother features a laser printer.

780784 HP Officejet 4630 e All in One printeHP OfficeJet 4630e

Published in Printers/Scanners by paul_smart on Apr 9, 2014
This is an All In One unit, that means it can Print, Scan Copy and Fax. It is very compact and you can print by normal use from a PC or by sending items across the Network or even across the world by using your special email.
While many printers now offer a remote print solution through their own dedicated app, this next product offers a wide ranging solution for multiple printers.

772937 IRISPen Executive 7 Mobile Pen ScannePortable Scanning

Published in Printers/Scanners by mfereday on Mar 27, 2014
From its Belgium base, as part of its “Document to Knowledge” mantra, IRIS has released the latest version of its IRISPen product. This is the IRISPen Executive 7 offering which boasts “You scan, it types” as it performs its designed role of a hand-held scanner.

766692 hp envy 4500 all in one printeHP ENVY 4500 AiO

Published in Printers/Scanners by mfereday on Mar 22, 2014
suppose it had to happen sooner rather than later. With mobile devices, namely smartphones and tablets, being our constant companions giving us access to data and then storing what is important to us, you would expect companies to develop printers capable of supporting mobile printing. Well actually they have been around for a while but they are rarely promoted as such. That is until now as I have been sent a printer product that promotes itself as a “Smartphone and tablet printer”. The pro

762670 IRIScan All in One Scanner and MousA Scanning Mouse

Published in Printers/Scanners by mfereday on Mar 11, 2014
Last year at its annual IRISLink event, IRIS introduced its IRIScan Mouse device with the tag line “You swipe, it scans”. This year the combination of mouse and scanner has been upgraded to the IRIScan Mouse Executive 2 with the same tag line.

765731 HP LaserJet Pro M125nw Multi function PrinteHP Mono Laser M125nw

Published in Printers/Scanners by paul_smart on Mar 10, 2014
I seem to be in a run of laser units at present. This time not a colour unit, so here a workhorse unit designed for quick, efficient printing with a high standard of finish without problems, as seems essential today you can still copy and scan.

760897 Samsung SL C460FW Xpress Wireless Colour Laser Multifunction PrinteSamsung Colour Laser MFU

Published in Printers/Scanners by paul_smart on Feb 24, 2014
Colour lasers are no longer huge, they are no longer that expensive and they print colour at 25% of the speed that mono pages do. In fact the ‘other half’ could even be happy as it can connect wirelessly so does not need to be in sight.

757030 hp deskjet 4520 all in one printeA HP AiO Device

Published in Printers/Scanners by mfereday on Feb 20, 2014
It has been a while since I last had the opportunity to check out a HP printer. If memory serves me correct, this unit was a home photo printing model that I reported on in 2008. It was therefore quite a surprise when HP’s PR agency rang me up out of the blue and asked if I would like to review the HP Deskjet 2540 product.
Colour Lasers used to cost a lot and were also rather big. The next problem was that colour pages printed at only 25% of the speed of monochrome ones. Now all that has been solved with a unit little larger than an inkjet offering.

750810 Samsung M2070W A4 Multifunction Xpress Mono Wireless Multifunction Laser PrinteA Multifunction Laser Unit

Published in Printers/Scanners by mfereday on Jan 28, 2014
The latest multifunction device to arrive from Samsung offers print, scan, copy and remote printing facilities to users looking for a monochrome environment.

745277 PIXMA MG5550 Multifunction printePIXMA MG5550

Published in Printers/Scanners by mfereday on Jan 14, 2014
Adding to its range of All-in-One devices, Canon has released a product that leans towards quality as against speed of delivery

736752 Epson Expression Photo XP 950 A3 All In One PrinteA4 and A3 Photo Printing

Published in Printers/Scanners by mfereday on Dec 17, 2013
Described by Epson as the “Photographer’s Best Friend”, the Expression Photo XP-950 is an A3 All-In-One device. Predominately lacquered black in colour, with a matte silver band and Epson identifier on the front face, this unit offers scan, copy and print functionality with a choice of Wi-Fi, Ethernet or USB connectivity.

734001 Samsung M2875FD Xpress Mono Laser Multifunction PrinteA Multifunction Laser

Published in Printers/Scanners by mfereday on Dec 12, 2013
While colour can add visual impact, it does add to the cost and is not always necessary for certain documents. In such cases a monochrome laser might be the better option.
This unit will immediately find favour with ladies as it is creamy white and far more likely to fit in with the colour scheme. It is also rather stylish being sleeker than most other All In One units. It is fully touch controlled.

727700 Canon PIXMA MG5450 All In One Colour PrinteCanon Pixma MG5450

Published in Printers/Scanners by paul_smart on Nov 11, 2013
A three in one printer, that means it prints, scans and copies. The black colour may mean it is hidden from ‘they who must be obeyed’ when in the lounge but it can be connected by Wi-Fi and in fact can do extra things when in Wi-Fi rather than USB mode.
Brother continues to develop its range of multifunction devices. This latest model is aimed more at the office rather than home users.

710714 irispen express 7 optical peIRISPen Express 7

Published in Printers/Scanners by paul_smart on Sep 22, 2013
While it shaped life a pen it is not one, it is a scanner – a rather good one – for scanning items into such things as Microsoft Office, it also has another function in that if you right click an image it converts it into a small PDF.