664702 Brother DCP 195 all in one printer scan copBrother DCP-195

Published in Printers/Scanners by paul_smart on Jul 20, 2012
An All In One unit at the lower end of the cost spectrum. However unlike others that have two inks this unit has four. So is this small low slung sleek unit likely to provide everything that you may need to Print, Scan and Copy.

662711 DS700D Compact Duplex ScannePortable Duplex Scanner

Published in Printers/Scanners by mfereday on June 21, 2012
Unlike my usual desktop flatbed scanner, which copies single-sided documents, this next scanner can copy both sides of a document simultaneously.

662560 samsung SCX 3405 mono laser printeMono Laser Multifunction

Published in Printers/Scanners by mfereday on June 12, 2012
When compared to the other Samsung mono laser printers I have reviewed, the SCX-3405W model is substantially larger. The reason for this increase in size, and weight, as my back can confirm, is down to the fact that this particular offering from Samsung is a multifunction device as it combines a mono laser printer with an A4 flatbed scanner.

662458 Kodak Hero 9.1 All in One WiFi PrinteKodak Hero 9.1

Published in Printers/Scanners by paul_smart on May 30, 2012
A Multi Function product – as it has Fax – so why is it described as a Home product. Surely virtually no one in the home used Fax. I always struggle to find office users who still use Fax, but I assume Fax is still popular somewhere.
While colour can add to the appeal of a document, it is not an essential requirement for every document. A mono laser printer can give you fast speeds and good quality output.

661974 canon pixma mg8250 all in one printeCanon All-in-One MG8250

Published in Printers/Scanners by paul_smart on May 21, 2012
The Canon Pixma MG8250 is a sleek black unit that will look good in any office. I fear however it will need to be discretely placed in most homes unless the ‘lounge police’ are of Goff persuasion. It is a lovely six ink offering that prints, scans and copies.
This is a very sleek unit – almost flattened – so while the height is tiny there is some width and depth increase. It is a six ink offering ideal for those who need to print decent images, however it still scans and copies.

661249 Canon PIXMA MG2150 All in One Colour Photo PrinteEntry Level All In One

Published in Printers/Scanners by paul_smart on Apr 30, 2012
Another recent release from Canon, this one definitely for those who print a little, scan a little and copy occasionally. Just the single open input tray with the non automatically opening exit tray above it and just two cartridges.

661237 Samsung ML 2955DW Mono Laser PrinteSamsung ML-2955DW

Published in Printers/Scanners by mfereday on Apr 24, 2012
This next product arrived with a two-pin power lead which was hardly the best start. Fortunately I was able to work round this problem.

659889 Canon Pixma MG5350 all in one printeCanon Pixma MG5350

Published in Printers/Scanners by paul_smart on Mar 30, 2012
Another in the range of All In One units from Canon. This is a five ink offering (two sizes of black), if you of Goff persuasion the all black finish will delight, for everyone else – apart from the lounge police – who cares about colour just performance.

658967 Epson WorkForce Pro WP 4525DNF A4 Multifunction Inkjet PrinteEpson WP-4525

Published in Printers/Scanners by paul_smart on Mar 12, 2012
The BETT (British Educational Technology Trail) has in the past proved to be a fruitful source of information and products ideal for the small business user, after all a school is certainly a business for those who attend.

657590 canon pixma mg6250 all in one printeCanon Pixma MG6250

Published in Printers/Scanners by paul_smart on Mar 2, 2012
In the mass market Canon are best known for cameras and ink jet printers. For the professional photographer it’s the DSLR camera, for office users it’s possibly their laser printers. Here an All In One that can suit home or small office.

657584 kodak office hero 6.1 print scan copKodak Office Hero 6.1

Published in Printers/Scanners by paul_smart on Feb 24, 2012
I wondered when I saw a range of MFU items recently why ‘Hero 6.1’ was not in the range. They were all designated "home" products. Here is the exception the 'office' offering, scan, print, copy and fax all in the one package.

656402 Brother DCP J725DW All in One Colour Inkjet PrinteBrother DCP-J725DW

Published in Printers/Scanners by paul_smart on Feb 13, 2012
This is a small All In One unit capable of working via Wireless or USB. Often in the home space is a problem and a small unit capable of sitting on a shelf or in a cupboard is the answer not least to satisfy the ‘Lounge Police’

655517 kodak office hero 6.1 all in one printeOffice Hero 6.1

Published in Printers/Scanners by mfereday on Feb 2, 2012
Depending upon your view point, a hero could be a mythical character of old, a comic book creation with super powers, a member of the armed forces or just an “ordinary” person with special qualities.

655515 Brother DCP J525W A4 All in One Wireless Colour Inkjet PrinteBrother DCP-J525W

Published in Printers/Scanners by mfereday on Jan 31, 2012
Brother has recently added new functionality to some of its multifunction devices. One of these models is the DC-J525W.
Continuing my look at various Epson multifunction devices, it is the turn of a model smaller than the other units seen recently.
With all the coverage given today to inkjet solutions it is often forgotten what a good job a laser can do. Until quite recently a colour laser was very expensive, very large and very heavy, none of those things apply to this unit.

654557 Epson Stylus Sx535WD All In One PrinteEpson Stylus SX535WD

Published in Printers/Scanners by mfereday on Jan 10, 2012
As I say goodbye to one Epson multifunction device, so another model takes its place. This time it is the Epson Stylus SX535WD.
Recently I have been able to give my Brother mono laser printer a break from its day-to-day activity as I replaced it with a product from Samsung.
While you may have built up an impressive collection of digital images, are you forgetting those negatives and slides carefully stored away a few years ago? honestech believes it can help in this matter.