Although the majority of laptops now incorporate a webcam, and they are also widely available for oneís desktop, there are many occasions when it would be useful to employ a camera for other tasks and not just using it to provide images of oneís face for Skype. The HueHD Visualiser is a versatile unit that will handle a whole range of imagery tasks on the desktop in addition to being a useful webcam.
Way back in 2012 I attended a presentation where Thecus were involved, I heard nothing from their better known UK partner but a trickle of press releases emerged from Europe which eventually led to the unit arriving for review.

686580 AOC M2752PQU 27 inch Widescreen MVA LED Multimedia MonitoAOC 27inch M2752P

Published in Laptops/PCs/Apple by paul_smart on Mar 15, 2013
Another excellent offering in the larger panel field from AOC this can connect via VGA, DGI, HDMI or Display Port the last more commonly found on MAC computers. This is an offering from their professional range.

682907 vodafone smart tab 2 android tablet computeVodafone Smart Tab II

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It wasnít so long ago that the mention of a tablet would refer to a medication. Now entertainment and browsing are more likely to be related topics.

682651 viewsonic VSD220 android 22 inch desktop tableA Desktop Tablet

Published in Laptops/PCs/Apple by mfereday on Feb 19, 2013
As many move from the desktop to a touch-enabled tablet, ViewSonic takes us in the opposite direction with a large screen AIO touch screen device.
This is the second such device I have seen that comes with a separate keyboard; the other was the excellent offering from Archos whose only real problem was the price. This seems to be more reasonable in the price department.

682704 HP SPECTRE XT Ultrabook 13 2100eHP Spectre XT Ultrabook

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Yes finally a HP unit I know its taken 18 months since their last offering but at last they have reverted to their original PR agency and so review items have started to become available to be tested, here a rather nice Ultrabook.
SSD drives are slowly getting bigger, more quickly they are becoming lower priced. So is now the time to get one? Certainly the PC/notebook units I have reviewed that have at least a small SSD drive show a huge increase in booting speed.
Now that Windows 8 is here we will have to get to grips with it. Even if we havenít bought a new machine with it installed, all too often, friends and relatives assume we know it all -- even if we havenít even used it. Windows 8 for Dummies follows on in the wake of previous Windows books in the series and is suitable for both the beginner who is new to computers and the more experienced user who is also faced with something new.
All Android tablets are the same is something I have heard stated, well I disagree and here is a great example of a company giving more than you normally get, one such added extra is a full size USB port so importing or exporting is just a matter of attaching a USB stick.

682048 netgear ready nas duo vNetgear's Duo NAS

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Netgearís readyNAS duo V2 is arguably the ideal storage centre for the advanced home user or small business. Documents, images, and video files etc. can be uploaded to the readyNAS and then shared across the LAN or even remotely over the Internet. As it can accommodate 1 or 2 SATA drives each having a capacity of up to 3TB, and has two USB 3.0 and one USB 2.0 ports, it will prove more than adequate for the vast majority of users.

Notebook Devices

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The wise think of fitting surge strips in their home but what about for the notebook when on your travels. The second is a device to allow you to get an e-SATA connection from a USB port, designed for USB3 but works with USB2.

681944 Philips E Line 237EQPHSU 23 inch IPS LCD MonitoPhilips 23inch 237E4

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This should be the first of several Philips items to come to be reviewed as they now have a PR Person to oversee things. Certainly I have requested things before but the requests always seemed to disappear into a black hole.

681379 Prestigio MultiPad Ultra 9.7 inch LED TablePrestigo MultiPad 9.7

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The Prestigo MultiPad is a 9.7inch Android device with things provided as standard that a lot of other manufacturers say are extras. However this is somewhat of a Ďcurates eggí device as it has faults to go along with the rather nice bits.

681378 Freecom 56157 2TB Drive External Hard DrivExternal Hard Discs

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Here I have two external USB drives, the first from Freecom is large at 2GB and the second is 500GB but they do make a 1GB version, the first is intended for PC use while the second is made for use in the Apple market.
A powerful notebook with lots of memory and joy of joys no shiny black in sight anywhere as the whole thing is silver grey. The screen is of course reflective but not nearly as much as a lot of other offerings I have used.
While we all know that it is essential to back up our data, all too often we donít do it routinely. As Verbatimís new StoreíníGo USB3.0 portable hard drive is small and comes with back-up software so making it just that bit more convenient to use. Hence, it is just the device to make it more likely for us to get into the habit which will reduce the risk of coming to grief.

680348 AOC I2757FM 27 inch Widescreen IPS LED Multimedia MonitoAOC Flat Panel

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This is a 27inch flat panel that has a smooth edge at the top and sides. It has the ability to show multiple screens on one screen and perhaps the newest feature via a micro USB to USB lead the screen from recent mobile devices.
As laptops are increasingly becoming the computers of choice, users want speakers which do not take up a lot of space and yet deliver the required performance. The SoundBlasterAxx SBX8 is the smallest in the series from Creative Technologies which, in addition to providing improved audio, incorporates a microphone so is also ideal for Skype and other VoIP services.
Having spent good money on a new laptop, it is only sensible to look after it. One of the first things to do is to choose a suitable laptop bag that will protect it from knocks and other damage as well as ensuring that the necessary cables and power brick are all in one place. STM and Techair are two of the manufacturers producing ranges of bags to fit the different machine sizes and to meet a wide variety of needs. The shoulder (messenger) bags that Iíve looked at fr

677899 viewsonic VP2770 LED hi res monitoViewsonic VP2770

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A large panel that is not limited to 1920x1080 resolution. In fact in can display up to 2560x1440 which is a good step up from 1920x1080, this of course can be used to show more detail or just to display more than a single window.