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From the latest lawn mower to hedge trimmer to that great new way to BBQ, or inside that wizzy vacuum, cool fridge. A big topic this one, with new gadgets appearing daily! Come and read other members experiences or opinions, or share your own with the rest of the community.

Freeview+HD from Humax

Published in Homes and Gardens by paul_smart on Jan 31, 2011
As my search continues to find a perfect HD box with PVR I move onto this Humax box that I first saw it as a prototype in early summer, now deep into winter one has arrived to be thoroughly tested to see if it meets my high standards.

631481 Nespresso CitiZ by Krups XN700640 Coffee MachinNespresso From Krups

Published in Homes and Gardens by paul_smart on Jan 26, 2011
Three things are certain to start an argument, religion, football and coffee. Stearing well away from the first two I look at my first machine from Nespresso, I have looked at several Dolce Gusto machines but this is my first Nespresso.

630640 nescafe piccolo krups coffee machinNescafe Piccolo

Published in Homes and Gardens by paul_smart on Jan 14, 2011
The various range of coffee machines from Nescafe bearing the name Dolce Gusto have been amoung the most popular reads, everyone needs coffee to get you going in the morning, some bear the name Krups who make the machine, the coffee that goes in them is Nescafe.

626926 Pure EVOKE Flow DAB FM RadiRadio! Radio! Radio!

Published in Homes and Gardens by mfereday on Dec 21, 2010
We tend to forget that a radio is a wireless device. As such it could access the Internet and your computer’s digital content.

628793 bosch ixo limited edition Swarovski CrystalD.I.Y. the Bosch Way

Published in Homes and Gardens by mfereday on Dec 9, 2010
When showing off your latest power tools for the home, it makes sense to select an appropriate location. In the case of Bosch, this meant a location known as Home Sweet Home. Despite the recent adverse weather conditions, I was there on behalf of Gadgetspeak.
Unlike the unit recently reviewed from Tefal this does not require a stove just a 13amp socket to plug it into. These items used to be called pressure cookers as they cook quickly, now the name is a Multi Cooker as it is versatile.
This gadget is highly recommended as a great value item - you could invest in several job-specific power tools and find that each one in itself was not as accomplished in its job as the Bosch PMF. This is a genuine all-rounder and it is hard to find fault with its design, ability and versatility
A neat cube shaped coffee machine, with Douwe Egberts coffe pods, certainly packs a punch.
The Tefal Actifry Family, lets you cook fried-style food with a fraction of the calorie count. Healthy fried food, made easy.

Gifts from Clairabella

Published in Homes and Gardens by paul_smart on Nov 28, 2010
While this is only a smallish shop they do have a thriving mail order business. I am telling you about just two items from their wide range of gift items that are sourced from places around the globe and I understand the makers are paid a fair wage.

627643 dremel trio route cutter sandeDremel Trio

Published in Homes and Gardens by petew on Nov 27, 2010
Known for their small precision craft drills Dremel have now introduced the Trio - similar is styling to a small hand-held router or electric jigsaw this versatile tool will cut, rout and sand.
Cooking for Geeks is as much a workshop manual as a cookery book. It discusses the tools, and how to use them; and the components, and how to assemble them; as well as, finally, some plans -- sorry, recipes. It should be very useful to those who want to learn about cooking but need to know what actually is going on. Furthermore, it gives quite a number of tips that could well be new to many experienced cooks.

Revisiting Worx

Published in Homes and Gardens by mfereday on Nov 13, 2010
Many of our often-used gadgets and tools have shrunk in size over the years. In line with this concept Worx has developed a range of tools for the handyman.
I remember well the adverts for Sodastream in my childhood, but only now do I have the pleasure of owning this remarkably handy soft drinks machine. It's fast become one of our favourite kitchen gadgets. As it says on the box SodaStream turns tap water into fizzy drinks in seconds.
The vast majority of items I tell you about are sent for review, however just occasionally I purchase something myself as here with this Currys Essential Upright Freezer that replaces a unit that reached end of life.

621236 doro hearplus 332cl alarm clocA Wake Up Call

Published in Homes and Gardens by mfereday on Oct 28, 2010
Better known for its mobile phones, DECT handsets and walkie talkies, Doro has developed an alarm clock with a choice of wake-up methods
According to the Worx literature, the Sonicrafter is “probably the most useful invention since the Swiss Army knife”. While I think that is rather an exaggeration it is, nevertheless, an extremely useful and versatile power tool that is able to tackle a range of jobs that more conventional power tools cannot deal with. Consequently, it could well enable one to deal with a difficult task and thus be a useful addition to one’s tool kit.

621165 Tefal Wikook Fast Pressure CookeTefal Stovetop Items

Published in Homes and Gardens by paul_smart on Oct 18, 2010
Frying Pan, Saucepan and Pressure Cooker all from Tefal. The first one of the range bearing Jamie Oliver’s name. All were replacing antiquated items and as with most decent new products you wonder why you waited to renew.

616205 Dyson Air Multiplier AM01 12 Inch Desk FaDyson Air Multiplier

Published in Homes and Gardens by paul_smart on Sep 1, 2010
During the recent long summer spell of hot weather this was a lifesaver to me. The main difference between a fan and air conditioning, the latter costs a fortune to cool the air down, the former does not cool the air but you feel cooler.
Two rather different products the first for DIY fans that can save expensive redecoration bills as you can get an expect finish via good preparation. The second a tool that could save you a very expensive visit from a plumber.
Like most quality ‘Microwaves’ of recent vintage it is far more than a Microwave. It is a grill, convection oven and Microwave in one and the secret lies in its ability to use any combination of the three at any one time.