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From the latest lawn mower to hedge trimmer to that great new way to BBQ, or inside that wizzy vacuum, cool fridge. A big topic this one, with new gadgets appearing daily! Come and read other members experiences or opinions, or share your own with the rest of the community.

The first is something to aid the placing and fitting of hook in walls etc, in fact it’s the perfect complete kit of items. The second is something I will never wear in anger but maybe if you are half my age these are serious trekking shoes.

688350 Toshiba 40TL968B 40inch 3D LED SmartTToshiba 40inch Smart TV

Published in Homes and Gardens by paul_smart on Apr 12, 2013
Having recently looked at larger TVs from LG and Samsung it seems only right to look at another of the major manufacturers Toshiba, while most will think of Toshiba for notebooks they also do TVs and other home items.
Having reviewed TV recording devices from early VHS tape devices through most other methods including those using external memory sticks and hard drives this still came as a shock because of the unit’s sheer lack of size.

679727 panasonic NC ZF1VXC coffee machinToast and Coffee

Published in Homes and Gardens by mfereday on Jan 12, 2013
It is time for a breakfast break as I indulge in a heavy session of consuming toast and coffee.

681385 hoover handy plus handheld vacuuClean or Light

Published in Homes and Gardens by paul_smart on Jan 11, 2013
The first could be used in the car or for accessing those hard to get to corners it comes with a rechargeable battery. The second to spice up your house lighting, these LED bulbs produce any colour you want from an App.

677904 View 21 Smart Digital HD Digital TV Set Top Box Recorder 500GView 21 PVR

Published in Homes and Gardens by paul_smart on Dec 12, 2012
While all of the UK has now gone Digital there are a significant number managing on a simple device to import and view the signal, a lot are discovering that their video recorder now just does not function anymore.

676839 Hitachi 18V Cordless KiHitachi or Bosch

Published in Homes and Gardens by paul_smart on Nov 26, 2012
Another title could have been drill or screw. The first not only does what you expect from an electric drill but a little more The second will screw and unscrew either or both could make excellent Christmas presents for those who use such items.
Even after the clocks went back most people are having to rise for work in darkness and while most will still be reluctant to get up in daylight you often need another pressure – other than your bladder – to get you from your bed.
An Internet camera can be a useful remote access security device for when a home or office is unoccupied. The Trendnet TV-IP672WI is a high resolution model for indoor use with pan and tilt movements and so can provide useful coverage over a wide area. Having wireless connectivity, one or more of these cameras can easily be added to one’s network to provide useful surveillance that can be monitored over the Web.

673901 salter colour weight kitchen scaleKitchen Scales

Published in Homes and Gardens by paul_smart on Oct 26, 2012
A couple of weeks ago I told you about two sets of Bathroom ‘personal’ Scales. Here are two sets of Kitchen Scales both from Salter a neat single scale and second bearing the Heston Bloomatile name a jug that converts wet and dry weights.

672719 hoover Globe GL1109 upright vacuuHoover Globe

Published in Homes and Gardens by paul_smart on Oct 10, 2012
Hoover is a brand name from Wales as well as being a generic name for a vacuum cleaner. Here is their latest offering called The Globe which has striking resemblance to a recent upright cleaner offering from Dyson.

672718 Salter 9018S SV3R Electronic Glass Platform Bathroom ScalSalter Bathroom Scales

Published in Homes and Gardens by paul_smart on Oct 8, 2012
If like me you find bathroom scales hard to read then either of these offerings from Salter may well have the answer. The first has a magnified display that stays on for a while once you step off. The second is all glass with large digits.

668769 Broadway Pctv Dvb T Wireless 2t Twin BoPCTV Broadway 2T

Published in Homes and Gardens by paul_smart on Sep 19, 2012
Fancy viewing UK TV anywhere in the world? Fancy viewing live TV anywhere in your home – even when the aerial is nowhere near -? Want to record but not use the PVR in or near your TV? All these things are more are possible with the PCTV Broadway 2T.
Switching a light on or off remotely via your iPod Touch or iPhone is just a very basic feature available in this product. The ability to do it from one hundred or one thousand miles away makes this a far more interesting feature.

Bosch & Siemens

Published in Homes and Gardens by mfereday on Sep 8, 2012
Washing machines, fridge/freezers, dishwashers, vacuum cleaners and steam irons were just some of the products on the agenda as I embarked on a trip to the IFA show in Berlin.
A small unit that can be left to record movement and also record sound. It sounds like a James Bond type device. Well now it is available at a price that can tell you who came to your door while you were out or even while you slept.
First a rucksack that charges items while on the move, second a four gang surge strip that also allows you to charge USB devices. The first uses light to charge the second normal mains power but protects your items from surges.
Not everyone has a workbench -- and even those who do, will often find that having a portable one is a great convenience. The Bosch PWB600 portable work bench is a solidly build unit that is both easy to erect and to fold up again for easy transport and storage.

662761 Orchestra desk lighLED Reading Lights

Published in Homes and Gardens by paul_smart on June 24, 2012
A recent trip to the London Book Fair was to see the launch of a new book reader. However when walking round waiting for that presentation I found a very interesting stand with a number of gadgets to aid book reading.

662757 Bosch PTK 3.6 LI Lithium Ion Cordless stapleBosch PTK 3,6LI

Published in Homes and Gardens by paul_smart on June 17, 2012
I have come across some non descriptive names before but the one above tells me only one thing, it’s from Bosch. It is a tool for tacking things to things most normally a fabric, plastic or paper to a solid surface such as wood.

662650 TDK TiCR100p iPhone iPod Speaker Dock Alarm Clock RadiDouble Charger/Double Alarm

Published in Homes and Gardens by mfereday on June 14, 2012
I suppose you could call this next product, a multi-function device as it will wake you up and charge up to two other devices.