864964 avanquest retro rpg bundlSome Retro Gaming

Published in Entertainment by mfereday on Nov 4, 2015
Computer gaming has come a long way since those early days when blocky monochrome pixels, simplistic sound effects and a storyline that could put a great deal of pressure on the player’s imagination. Nowadays, with photo-realistic graphics, smooth fast animated action, Dolby surround sound and an all-engulfing storyline set in an atmospheric environment, the game provides us with a virtual world to inhabit. This next title comes somewhere in between these two extremes.

864853 avanquest grim legends song of the dark swaSong of the Dark Swan

Published in Entertainment by mfereday on Oct 28, 2015
Swans with nettle vests and a speechless Queen accused of black magic feature in this Hidden Object Adventure game.

865056 thumbs up Infinity SpeakeInfinity from Thumbs Up

Published in Entertainment by paul_smart on Oct 28, 2015
This is an interesting item. The light effects around the forward facing mirror give an indication of volume level and things like drums tend to activate them more. Apart from that you have a reasonable pair of speakers giving a good sound, welcome to Infinity.

864735 Jam Trance Mini LED Bluetooth Wireless SpeakeA Light Show Speaker

Published in Entertainment by mfereday on Oct 23, 2015
Like many others, I’m sure, I tend to carry out various activities while listening to music being played in the background. However this next speaker unit, which is currently delivering my favourite music, has been trying to distract my attention from other tasks with a display of lights.

864737 avanquest game psycPsychic Detective Work

Published in Entertainment by mfereday on Oct 21, 2015
Television continues to provide fertile ground for games’ developers looking for inspiration. This is one such occasion.

864841 GOOGLE Chromecast AudiGoogle Chromecast Audio

Published in Entertainment by paul_smart on Oct 16, 2015
Chromecast has been around for a while, there is a new version just out which I shall tell you about another time. This however is a totally new product that allows you to ‘cast’ your music to speakers anywhere without draining your devices battery.

864595 game agatha cristie dead mans follWorking with Poirot and Marple

Published in Entertainment by mfereday on Oct 14, 2015
Bringing together two classic murder mysteries in a single offering, Avanquest has published, as part of its GSP catalogue, an Agatha Christie double pack. The two games are of the Hidden Object genre and feature Hercule Poirot and Miss Jane Marple as the leading characters. Hercule Poirot is the detective in charge of solving the mystery of Dead Man’s Folly while Miss Marple steps in to take charge in the 4:50 from Paddi

864544 avanquest 7roses gamDefeating Eternal Darkness

Published in Entertainment by mfereday on Oct 7, 2015
With its different types of Hidden Object game play, this next title sets you the task of defeating Eternal Darkness.

864410 avanquest theatre absurTheatre of the Absurd

Published in Entertainment by mfereday on Sep 30, 2015
In this game your on-screen persona makes a mistake that releases an evil demon. Will you be able to correct this mistake and recapture the demon?

864558 Roberts Radio Revival Mini DAB Digital RadiRoberts Revival Mini

Published in Entertainment by paul_smart on Sep 28, 2015
A new DAB and FM offering from Roberts that looks more like something from many decades ago. It is however packed with modern technology, so instead of having to continually move around to get a good signal and sound it’s just there.
The price of this group of in ear headphones seems to vary according to their colour. With Midnight being nearly 50% more expensive than curry, here I am listening to a mid-range unit called Fire at least I think I am as the box has no part number.

864390 avanquest 7 hills of rome mahonTouring Ancient Rome

Published in Entertainment by mfereday on Sep 23, 2015
Ancient Rome is a popular location for game developers. In this case the location shares the stage with the Mahjong board game.

864124 avanquest the legend of mystery high cultureEgyptian High Culture

Published in Entertainment by mfereday on Sep 16, 2015
Taking the old favourite of Match-3 game play and placing it within an ancient Egyptian environment with a touch of high culture is a Legend of Mystery or so the title says.

863994 avanquest Infected The Twin VaccinA Human Infection

Published in Entertainment by mfereday on Sep 9, 2015
With a title that might discourage you from installing the product, Infected: The Twin Vaccine is described on the packaging as a “spine-tingling Hidden-Object thriller”. Developed by GoGii and available from Avanquest’s GSP game catalogue in Collector’s Edition format, this game sets you the task of searching the town of Oxford for a missing girl who holds the key to preventing a global epidemic.

863927 avanquest game the drama queen murdeThe Murder of a Drama Queen

Published in Entertainment by mfereday on Sep 2, 2015
Eastville Chronicles: The Drama Queen Murder describes itself as a “whodunit Hidden Object game full of love, passion and intrigue”. Developed by Queen Media and published by TAG, this game is now available as part of the Avanquest GSP catalogue.

Music from Qobuz

Published in Entertainment by paul_smart on Sep 2, 2015
There are numerous streaming services available; few however allow you to stream in high quality. Qobuz even have a service that lets you download and keep the music that however is not that cheap. Here is a service that works providing they have the music you want.

863801 avanquest Jurassic Realm gamMatch-3 Dinosaur Action

Published in Entertainment by mfereday on Aug 26, 2015
Placed on a remote island, your task is to locate various dinosaurs buried beneath the scenery. Are you up to the task?

863779 SiliconDust HDHomeRun CONNECT 2 Tuner Streaming Media Player HDHR4 2DHD HomeRun Connect

Published in Entertainment by paul_smart on Aug 21, 2015
A small box that allows you to beam your TV signal anywhere across your Network, it can work with Windows, MAC, Android or even Linux. So once connected you should be able to view your TV signal aerial or cable anywhere in your home.

863122 avanquest roay settlement 145Make the King Happy

Published in Entertainment by mfereday on Aug 19, 2015
This next title transports you back to the year 1450 as you enter the world of Royal Settlement created by the German based team of Magnussoft.

863777 Noble BTS bluetooth headphone adaptoNoble Audio BTS

Published in Entertainment by paul_smart on Aug 16, 2015
Do you like using headphones or earbuds but do not like being tethered to the source of your music? The answer then may be at hand with this small object from Noble Audio that is about half the length of a ball point pen that you plug your buds into.

Stone Clearance

Published in Entertainment by mfereday on Aug 12, 2015
Step back in time to a bygone era as you help a clumsy sorcerer’s apprentice regain scrolls he had lost.