839808 Fantasy Mosaics 6   Into the UnknowFantasy Mosaics 6

Published in Entertainment by mfereday on Feb 14, 2015
Whether referred to as Griddlers, nonograms or Hanjie, there is one type of puzzle game which I found hard to resist. You could almost say it was a kind of addiction as I can find myself attempting to solve just one more of these puzzles when I should be getting on with something entirely different. This is yet another case as I struggle to break away from playing to write this review.

839635 avanquest the emerald maideSymphony of Dreams

Published in Entertainment by mfereday on Feb 11, 2015
As can happen with dreams not everything is as it appears in a new addition to GSPís game catalogue as you attempt to free your family.

839515 GPO Jam 3 Speed Stand Alone Vinyl TurntablGPO JAM Record Deck

Published in Entertainment by paul_smart on Feb 9, 2015
This is a slightly smaller unit than the offering I reviewed last summer, as a more basic version it lacks a few of the features but for anyone without something to play and or transfer their LPs on this is certainly well worth consideration.

839458 eggtronic hut it flexible charging solutioMultiple Power Charging

Published in Entertainment by mfereday on Feb 5, 2015
This next product has certainly taken its time in getting to me. I hasten to point out that the extended delay was not down to the developers of the product but the inability of the courier service to do its job and deliver the product. I should point out that this company was not the one to go into receivership recently.

839634 avanquest relics of fate gamRelics of Fate

Published in Entertainment by mfereday on Feb 4, 2015
Can you help rescue Pennyís father and locate the hidden Relics of Fate in this Hidden Object Adventure game?
While various mobile devices allow us to listen to music, sometimes the quality lacks a little in volume and certain functionality. Lindy believes this next product can help in such circumstances.
Orbotix labs latest creation Ollie arrived with me a little late for Christmas but anyone with money to spare should still consider Ollie as he can do things that Sphero and Sphero 2 could not, sometimes he even has a mind of his own.

839455 Mystery Case Files Dire Grove, Sacred GrovA Return to Dire Grove

Published in Entertainment by mfereday on Jan 31, 2015
When the local inhabitants come into conflict with nature, who do they send for but you. Can you help restore peace and harmony to Dire Grove?

839122 art of assassins creeAssassinís Creed Companions

Published in Entertainment by mfereday on Jan 28, 2015
Providing a break from actual game playing, the next two offerings contain a pictorial reference to a time when death was but an assassinís blade away.

839133 Epson EH TW9200W projectoEpson EH-TW9200 3LCD Projector

Published in Entertainment by bidmead on Jan 26, 2015
For around £500 you can pick up a very decent entry-level projector built around Texas Instruments' Digital Light Processor (DLP), an ingenious electromechanical device that turns electrical signals into pictures. I've reviewed several such machines here over the past year or so, ranging up to the £3,000 mark. But if you're shopping around in that area it's definitely worth considering the very different approach pioneered and promoted by Epson. This uses three separate electrica
First a unit from Damson who I have reviewed items for in the past, this is a 4.1 speaker system in a single unit. Second a unit from Pioneer described as a Wireless (Bluetooth) Speaker System but again a unit in a single small case.

839120 avanquest toy maker deadly quesCapture the Toymaker

Published in Entertainment by mfereday on Jan 24, 2015
Police work often involves following a set routine and this next game certainly lives up to this theory.
Reviewing a quality TV is always a pleasure it means my elderly 32inch offering can have a rest. This 40inch offering is just about the perfect size for my lounge and while exploring its secrets from my sofa I am still technically working.

838993 art of alien isolatioAlien Isolation Reading

Published in Entertainment by mfereday on Jan 21, 2015
Who could have imagined that Ridley Scottís 1979 film, with its never-to-be-forgotten scene of a ravenous alien emerging from John Hurtís stomach, would be the instigator for a massive industry of follow up films, games and other creative offerings. Not me for one.

839068 Creative Sound Blaster E1 USB Sound CarSound Blaster E1 and E3

Published in Entertainment by paul_smart on Jan 21, 2015
If you are of mature years Ė old Ė like me then you think of Sound Blaster for sound cards and speakers but of course they do a lot more. Here I am looking at two headphone amplifiers and the second one is also a DAC as well.
Adding to the Dark Parables series of games is an offering with mermaids and a tide that destroys everything in its path,
These are powerful headphones designed predominately for gamers as they are 7.1 channels, so you should be able to hear the slightest noise from far away and for a gamer this is possibly the difference between life and err death.
Here I am looking at two different portable speaker systems. The first a retro design called Jam Rewind. The second from a company that has a broad field of products Lindy, this like the Jam Rewind is both Bluetooth and Auxiliary input.

838708 avanquest empress of the deep The Legacy of the Phoenix

Published in Entertainment by mfereday on Jan 7, 2015
The Empress of the Deep returns for the third instalment of this Hidden Object Adventure game as twin sisters take on the faces of good and evil.

838292 panopticon path of reflectionAn Adventure in Magic

Published in Entertainment by mfereday on Dec 31, 2014
Put your investigation powers to the test as you solve a mystery that it seeped in magic.

837639 avanquest Hoyle IllusionHoyle Illusions

Published in Entertainment by mfereday on Dec 24, 2014
When stage magicians meet in competition you can expect magic to be in the air along with some trickery.