863927 avanquest game the drama queen murdeThe Murder of a Drama Queen

Published in Entertainment by mfereday on Sep 2, 2015
Eastville Chronicles: The Drama Queen Murder describes itself as a “whodunit Hidden Object game full of love, passion and intrigue”. Developed by Queen Media and published by TAG, this game is now available as part of the Avanquest GSP catalogue.

Music from Qobuz

Published in Entertainment by paul_smart on Sep 2, 2015
There are numerous streaming services available; few however allow you to stream in high quality. Qobuz even have a service that lets you download and keep the music that however is not that cheap. Here is a service that works providing they have the music you want.

863801 avanquest Jurassic Realm gamMatch-3 Dinosaur Action

Published in Entertainment by mfereday on Aug 26, 2015
Placed on a remote island, your task is to locate various dinosaurs buried beneath the scenery. Are you up to the task?

863779 SiliconDust HDHomeRun CONNECT 2 Tuner Streaming Media Player HDHR4 2DHD HomeRun Connect

Published in Entertainment by paul_smart on Aug 21, 2015
A small box that allows you to beam your TV signal anywhere across your Network, it can work with Windows, MAC, Android or even Linux. So once connected you should be able to view your TV signal aerial or cable anywhere in your home.

863122 avanquest roay settlement 145Make the King Happy

Published in Entertainment by mfereday on Aug 19, 2015
This next title transports you back to the year 1450 as you enter the world of Royal Settlement created by the German based team of Magnussoft.

863777 Noble BTS bluetooth headphone adaptoNoble Audio BTS

Published in Entertainment by paul_smart on Aug 16, 2015
Do you like using headphones or earbuds but do not like being tethered to the source of your music? The answer then may be at hand with this small object from Noble Audio that is about half the length of a ball point pen that you plug your buds into.

Stone Clearance

Published in Entertainment by mfereday on Aug 12, 2015
Step back in time to a bygone era as you help a clumsy sorcerer’s apprentice regain scrolls he had lost.

846403 LIBRATONE Zipp Wireless SpeakeLibratone Zipp

Published in Entertainment by paul_smart on Aug 5, 2015
A 360degree speaker that comes with a woollen cover so for those who need everything to match you can purchase another coloured cover, in fact there is a voucher in the box to get one free when you register your product.

846405 GPO Westwood 25 watt Speaker with SubwoofeGPO Westwood

Published in Entertainment by paul_smart on Aug 2, 2015
A speaker and an amplifier in what looks like a very retro case. The modern touch is that apart from having two wired inputs it can also be used as a Bluetooth speaker. So what may initially look like a 40s or 50s radio is not that at all.

842619 avanquest atlantic quest solitairAn Underwater Golf Game

Published in Entertainment by mfereday on Jul 22, 2015
Get your snorkel and flippers ready as you set out to help Clowny and Sharky find out who has illegally parked a ship on the seabed.

842420 Thumbs Up Immerse Virtual Reality HeadseImmerse VR Headset

Published in Entertainment by paul_smart on Jul 19, 2015
While I have seen several of these demonstrated most bore a higher price and while I did ask to see one it never materialised, so when this was offered to me I took the change to test it with a couple of recent mobile phones and appropriate content.

842424 NuForce Primo 8 headphoneNu force Primo 8

Published in Entertainment by paul_smart on Jul 17, 2015
These earbuds are Quad-Driver earphones with phase-coherent crossover design is what it says on a very large box for a pair of earbuds. When you open the box the array of extras that come with the buds is the reason for the box being so large.
A set of earbuds with a twist – literally – that enable you to increase or decrease the bass heard at a twist of the earbud housing, so could this be a first adjusting the sound frequency level while a song plays and going only to your ears.

842421 Divoom Airbeat 10 Bluetooth Portable SpeakeAIRBEAT-10

Published in Entertainment by paul_smart on Jul 10, 2015
This is quite a small Bluetooth speaker that can also be connected via 3.5mm cable. Being small I initially thought that sound quality would suffer. I was wrong and I was very pleasantly surprised with the sounds in gave out.
When the name of BenQ pops up, my thoughts immediately turn towards the range of display units produced by the company. However BenQ does have other strings to its bow as the arrival of a new product clearly indicates. This product is the treVolo which is claimed to be the world’s first portable electrostatic wireless speaker. Just in case you are not familiar with the term then I should explain that electrostatic drivers emit sound both forwards and backwards with mid an

842034 Evolve Audio SB 2501 Soundbar SysteEvolve Soundbar

Published in Entertainment by mfereday on June 30, 2015
While devices, such as televisions, smartphones and tablets, have their own speaker facility, you can enhance this output with the addition of a soundbar.

842130 Groov e GV SP460 BK Bluetooth Wireless Portable Sound BlasteAdvanced Ghetto Blaster

Published in Entertainment by paul_smart on June 29, 2015
By the Ghetto Blaster standards when they were popular this is small, but it is powerful and not only has it an FM radio but also Bluetooth, ability to play SD Cards and USB sticks and has impressive sounds and speakers built in.

842131 Creative Aurvana In Ear2 Plus In ear EarphoneAurvana In-Ear 2

Published in Entertainment by paul_smart on June 28, 2015
These noise cancelling earbuds from Creative start with a puzzle, how do you get them out of the very solid packaging, the answer lies in a small sheet that lives inside the packaging. Having spent a while solving the puzzle the result was worth the wait.

842129 skullcandy grind headphoneScullKandy Grind

Published in Entertainment by paul_smart on June 22, 2015
The name makes it sound like a device of torture but ‘Gadgetspeak’ is not that sort of site so you – and your family – will be safe to read about a new headset that has several things that may make it something to consider in a crowded market.

841986 House of Marley Liberate XLBT Bluetooth HeadphonLiberate XLBT

Published in Entertainment by mfereday on June 18, 2015
This next headset is available from the House of Marley, an organisation set up to promote Bob Marley’s vision of One Love, One World.

841984 game hoouse jewel match super pacA Jewel Matching Bundle

Published in Entertainment by mfereday on June 17, 2015
Not one, two or three games but four games are included in this next offering based on the Match-3 genre.