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644476 GE DV1 Pocket Digital CamcordeGE Camcorder DV1

Published in Cameras by paul_smart on May 25, 2011
Often not being the first to market is a plus as is the case here. The ‘Flip’ has long been the best pocket camcorder around; many have tried to copy or improve. Here with the best bits from several is this offering from GE.

644472 canon powershot a800 compact digital camerCanon PowerShot A800

Published in Cameras by paul_smart on May 20, 2011
This is another from the range of small pocket cameras produced by Canon. The Ixus range normally has solid batteries and the PowerShot range – as with this – normally are controlled by ‘AA’ batteries to power the unit.

639427 canon powershot sx30is digital camerCanon PowerShot SX30is

Published in Cameras by paul_smart on Apr 1, 2011
This is one of a long range of cameras with the ‘PowerShot’ name produced by Canon. It is also a contender for one of the best; it allows both the novice and those more advanced to get the best from it as well as from themselves.

637010 panasonic lumix tz10 compact digital camerPanasonic TZ10

Published in Cameras by paul_smart on Mar 21, 2011
Panasonic do two ranges of cameras the ones that could even be called professional and can be seen being used by keen amateurs, they also do a Lumix range that look like ‘point and shoot’ but have far more functionality.

636004 kodak playsport Zx3 Waterproof HD Pocket Video CamerKodak Playsport

Published in Cameras by mfereday on Mar 17, 2011
While many pocket camcorders have been designed for general purpose use, the Kodak Playsport is aimed more at the more adventurous members of society. To this end the Playsport combines electronic image stabilising technology, to assist when capturing sporting events, with the ability to be waterproof up to a depth of 10 feet for recording aquatic expeditions.

637007 Sigma DP1 14MP Digital CamerSigma DP1x Digital Camera

Published in Cameras by paul_smart on Mar 16, 2011
This is very slightly larger than a small ‘point and shoot’ digital camera but a good deal smaller than most DSLR however in reality it is neither, it has good points and bad, two that stick out are no optical zoom and a poor inbuilt flash.

636003 ricoh cx4 compact digital camerRicoh CX4 Digital Camera

Published in Cameras by mfereday on Mar 12, 2011
It hardly seems like yesterday when I took a look at the Ricoh CX3 compact digital camera. Actually it was more like four months ago but that hardly gives the company enough time to develop and manufacture a new model. Yet here we are with the latest offering from Ricoh. Not surprisingly this new product is entitles CX4.

635055 Samsung ST100 Digital CamerSamsung ST100 Digital Camera

Published in Cameras by paul_smart on Feb 28, 2011
The Samsung ST100 Digital Camera is small enough to fit into almost any pocket but it also has one of the largest TFT screens around. It is totally touchscreen in operation so those who have been brought up on touch will certainly enjoy using this camera.

634156 kodak play touch compact digital HD camcordeKodak Playtouch

Published in Cameras by mfereday on Feb 26, 2011
It was not until I started checking out this next product that I realised that my computer system box had a face.

630946 panasonic HD Mobile Camera HM TA1 rear viePanasonic HM-TA1 Pocket Camcorder

Published in Cameras by mfereday on Feb 10, 2011
A pre-Christmas evening of magical card manipulation introduced me to a new camera from the Panasonic range. This was a pocket camcorder device.

631482 flip mino hd 3rd generation 8GB fronFlip Mino 8GB

Published in Cameras by paul_smart on Feb 2, 2011
I have owned a Flip since the very first model, to me anyway, it is the best pocket camcorder, the latest software release has improved the compression algorithm when sending items to other people, making it even better.

631485 Aiptek 3D HD CamcordeAiptek 3D Camera/Camcorder

Published in Cameras by paul_smart on Jan 30, 2011
Some of the pocket camcorders can also take still images. This unit from Aiptek can take still and movies in 2D and it can also do the same in 3D. It has built in software to allow an interface on the PC, all fine in theory.

630645 canon ixus 1000HS compact digital camerCanon Ixus 1000HS

Published in Cameras by paul_smart on Jan 21, 2011
As most will know Canon produce two ranges of small cameras the PowerShot and the Ixus. Having reviewed some tiny Ixus this seems quite large. The main difference is that PowerShot use ‘AA’ batteries and the Ixus a solid battery.

629950 swann RemoteCam Video Camera Recorder DVR 41King-Ring Surveillance

Published in Cameras by mfereday on Jan 18, 2011
Maybe James Bond would consider it beneath him but others might find this next product useful for covert photography

629762 ricoh cx3 compact digital camerRicoh CX3 Camera

Published in Cameras by mfereday on Jan 11, 2011
While not the first name you may think of regarding digital cameras, Ricoh has some interesting products such as the CX3 model.

630636 canon powershot sx130ICanon PowerShot SX130is

Published in Cameras by paul_smart on Jan 7, 2011
Canon has two ranges of small cameras, the Ixus very much a pocket offering and the PowerShot slightly larger and using ‘AA’ batteries rather than the solid rechargable type. This in itself makes the overall camera larger and heavier.

628295 samsung ST5500 Digital CamerSamsung ST5500

Published in Cameras by paul_smart on Dec 13, 2010
This is a small solid and good quality digital camera that can also take excellent quality video. It has good optical zoom at 7x and can take 14MP still images, perhaps best of all it is almost totally touchscreen for ease of use.
This type of small camcorder has become very popular. The first I came across was the Flip with several incarnations. Then Kodak produced one and now Panasonic who are better known for high end cameras and camcorders. Panasonic call theirs a mobile camera.

626769 kodak zx3 playsport camcordeKodak ZX3 Pocket Camcorder

Published in Cameras by paul_smart on Dec 3, 2010
Around 18 months ago I told you about the Kodak ZX1 their first foray in the very popular pocket (mobile phone size) camcorder arena. Here is - I think - their next offering the ZX3 which gives you the ability to capture movies underwater to 3metres depth.

626763 pentax optio h90 compact digital camerPentax Optio H90

Published in Cameras by paul_smart on Nov 22, 2010
This is a name that has been huge in lenses for longer than even I can remember. Here a small unobtrusive matt box that would not attract a second look. Will the images it takes move it up from the mundane to the yes please?

625103 lumix g2 digital camerPanasonic Lumix G2

Published in Cameras by paul_smart on Nov 8, 2010
It was March when I had a chance to wander round the Focus show with a pre production version of this DSLR unit. Now in late autumn I finally get to look at the boxed version and to try all the G2 has to offer for real.