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752563 Sony DSCHX50 Compact Digital CamerSony CyberShot HX50

Published in Cameras by paul_smart on Jan 15, 2014
It's been a while since I have had an opportunity to look at one of the excellent Cyber Shot range; in fact from memory the last Sony offering I told you about was the NEX6L almost a year ago. Here a fixed lens offering to fit into your pocket.

747738 Canon PowerShot SX510 HS CamerCanon PowerShot SX510HS

Published in Cameras by paul_smart on Jan 8, 2014
Not a DSLR and not a Digital Camera this is one of an increasing range of what are called ‘Bridge Units’, or in layman's terms a Digital Camera with a lot of DSLR features without it having a removable lens, so this is not a total novices unit

738565 ion air pro 3 wearable hd video camerAn Action Camera

Published in Cameras by mfereday on Dec 21, 2013
A trip to the London-based version of the Gadget Show introduced me to a product designed for those far more energetic than myself.

737593 Pentax K 50 DSLR CamerPentax K-50

Published in Cameras by paul_smart on Dec 13, 2013
This is quite a meaty DSLR kit unit, however for me a little spoilt by its white colour, while this may be being picky – again – it does draw attention to the unit and if you are taking images in a ‘less savoury area’ it could mean you are targeted.

737587 Canon IXUS 140 compact digital camerCanon Ixus 140

Published in Cameras by paul_smart on Dec 2, 2013
The Ixus units are perhaps the best small camera range on the market, and while some may scoff – the size is everything group – just examine the results with any similar costing camera on the market and the results will show.

731820 Canon Power Shot G15 CamerCanon PowerShot G15

Published in Cameras by paul_smart on Nov 20, 2013
While this is a Digital Camera it makes an excellent bridge unit for those intending to make the jump to a DSLR unit as it has that rarely seen item a viewfinder as well as a decent TFT screen so all groups are catered for.

Aldi 16GB Digital Camera

Published in Cameras by paul_smart on Nov 15, 2013
This Maginon Digital Camera goes on sale in Aldi stores on Sunday, as with almost all of these offers when it’s gone there are no more. This is an ideal Xmas present and rather than having to then purchase an SD card and case both are supplied in the box.

727698 Y Cam YCBHD6 Cube HD 1080p Professional HD Indoor Wi Fi IP CamerCube and Home Monitor from Y-cam

Published in Cameras by paul_smart on Nov 4, 2013
Two small cameras with subtle differences to give you security when in and when away from your home, you can view content on a PC or Mac or on a mobile device, you can even have movement alerts sent in an email to you.

721683 pentax WG 3 Waterproof Digital CamerPentax Digital Camera WG-3

Published in Cameras by paul_smart on Oct 23, 2013
Having recently tried other digital cameras designed for those who photograph underwater I did not expect too many surprises from the Pentax WG-3. Here in the introduction I can say that I was wrong, very wrong, as it has two features I have never seen before.

721675 Canon PowerShot SX280 HS Compact Digital CamerCanon PowerShot SX280

Published in Cameras by paul_smart on Oct 16, 2013
This has 20x optical zoom and its added weight is well distributed to make it holdable even with a substantial amount of zoom. While some may consider that 12.1MP is a little ‘small’ it is all down to the quality of the CMOS chip.

707038 canon powershot D20 compact waterproof camerCanon PowerShot D20

Published in Cameras by paul_smart on Sep 4, 2013
Slightly different to most Power Shot offerings as this is waterproof, it still however has all the normal facilities and enhancements of a standard digital camera but in this case getting it wet will not be a disaster at least in the short term.

707019 iON Air Pro Sports Action Camera CamcordeAir Pro 2 from ION

Published in Cameras by paul_smart on Aug 25, 2013
This is a high quality digital camera that records with a 14MP sensor, it is intended for use for people who do things of a daredevil nature in the open air, as such it can be strapped to a helmet while these deeds are being performed.

704548 Wireless HD Outdoor IP Home Security CamerOutdoor Hi-Res Camera

Published in Cameras by adrianmorant on Aug 18, 2013
The UCAM247 model NC328W-IR-720P is a fixed-focus high resolution Internet camera designed for outdoor use. Described as a “plug & view” unit, one of its most useful features is the ease with which it can set up so as to be accessed from a smartphone either locally or remotely.

704405 Samsung NX210 Digital WIFI Compact System CamerSamsungNX210

Published in Cameras by paul_smart on Aug 9, 2013
This is no bigger than a medium sized digital camera; it is however a DSLR offering so that those intent on improving can hone their skills at a reasonable price and the still images they know were captured by their skill level.
A small but powerful Digital Camera, ideal for a pocket or handbag for those who want more than that normally on offer from the camera in a phone or smartphone but without the size and weight associated with most DSLR units.

699558 D Link DCS 5020L Wireless N Pan Tilt Sound Detection IP caD-Link Day/Night Camera

Published in Cameras by paul_smart on Jul 28, 2013
Having looked at several security/surveillance cameras this offering by D-Link seems to offer a lot more out of the box and not only can you view from any PC but also from iPad/iPhone and Android devices and data can be stored in the cloud.

697211 pentax q10 compact system camerPentax Q10

Published in Cameras by paul_smart on Jul 17, 2013
The Pentax Q10 is probably the smallest removable lens camera I have ever reviewed. It is smaller than most digital cameras but is still a very powerful unit that gives rather good JPG or an option to save your images in RAW format.

694003 Samsung NX20 Digital Wi Fi Compact System CamerSamsung NX20

Published in Cameras by paul_smart on Jul 1, 2013
This is a small DSLR unit ideal for the amateur who enjoys their photography or for someone coming on from a Digital Camera wanting to improve. The most ‘different’ thing for the latter group is that there is a viewfinder available.

691342 Amplicomms Watch and Care Digital Monitoring SysteWatch & Care V120

Published in Cameras by paul_smart on June 5, 2013
How do deaf or hard of hearing parents manage to hear when their baby is crying? Something like this offering Amplicomms the people known for ultra-loud phones have produced this small module to allow them to see as well as possibly hear.

691338 pentax mx1 Expert Compact Digital CamerPentax MX1

Published in Cameras by paul_smart on May 29, 2013
This is a small but powerful digital camera from Pentax. Having recently tested myself on a DSLR offering I now downsize but not as far as ‘point and shoot’ as this digital camera has a lot to offer yet it can still fit in most pockets.

690041 Samsung Galaxy CamerSamsung Galaxy Camera

Published in Cameras by paul_smart on May 20, 2013
Certainly a crossover device, as Samsung makes smartphones and Samsung also make digital cameras. So in theory anyway a digital camera that looks like a smartphone with a quality lens added to it has a good chance of being a winner.