772939 sandberg OTG Adapter MicroUSB M   USB A Look at OTG

Published in Phones by mfereday on Mar 29, 2014
Small enough to fit into your pocket, a product from Sandberg proves that not all Android devices are created equal.
Google bought Motorola Mobility $12.5 billion in 2012 and has now sold it on to Lenovo for a mere $2.91 billion, retaining, however, a raft of valuable patents. The Moto X is the culmination of Google's breath of life into the previously moribund mobile phone pioneer. Chris Bidmead assess this final fruit of the transitory relationship.

766693 Sony Xperia Z 10.1 inch Android TableA Sony Tablet

Published in Phones by mfereday on Mar 25, 2014
Joining the like of Apple and Samsung in offering users both smartphone handsets and tablets, Sony latest release in the latter category is the Xperia Tablet Z. This is a 10-inch tablet running the Android operating system.

761310 htc one smart android phonVodafone HTC One Offering

Published in Phones by mfereday on Mar 13, 2014
To paraphrase a certain cake company’s claim, “HTC designs some exceedingly nice looking handsets”. A prime example of this from the Taiwanese manufacturer is the HTC One offering. This product is a smartphone device which is the subject of this review.

765732  HTC Desire 500 UK Sim Free SmartphonHTC Desire 500

Published in Phones by paul_smart on Mar 12, 2014
In the past I have often asked to review HTC devices as they looked smart and had little extra bits of quality. My name never seemed to come to the top of the list, with this unit however I was offered it I did not even have to ask.

765942 nokia lumia 925 windows phonNOKIA 4G WINDOW PHONE ON VODA

Published in Phones by adrianmorant on Mar 10, 2014
The Nokia Lumia 925 is a 4G premium phone which Vodafone is offering in both 16GB and 32GB versions. It runs Windows Phone 8.0 so that, as well as being a good all-round phone, it is ideal for those for whom compatibility with their desktop applications such as Microsoft Office is important.

754672 Ubooly Smart ToMeet the Ubooly

Published in Phones by mfereday on Feb 18, 2014
This next product has been designed as a container to turn a smartphone into a more appealing educational tool.

756503 Moto G 8GB Sim Free SmartphonMoto G Budget Priced Smartphone

Published in Phones by paul_smart on Feb 3, 2014
Until now budget in the Smartphone market meant at least £200 and probably more. Here is one that launched SIM free at £139 or less. So does the new Moto G have it all at a price far less than others have offerings in the market?

750812 ZTE Blade IIZTE Blade V

Published in Phones by mfereday on Jan 30, 2014
Like the recently reviewed Moto G, the ZTE Blade V considers itself to be a smartphone for those on a limited budget.

747740 Binatone The Brick GSM Sim Free Mobile PhonBinatone Brick

Published in Phones by paul_smart on Jan 12, 2014
Those of us into our forties or more will remember mobile phones like this in fact some even came with a brief case for the required battery. Here this tongue in cheek offering can be used for real or as a Bluetooth offering, however used it will be a talking point.

740722 geemarc cl8450 mobile phonA Phone for Better Listening

Published in Phones by mfereday on Jan 2, 2014
Many mobile phones tend to spread their net wide with regards to their functionality but this next handset is aimed mainly at the “hard of hearing”.

740719 motorola moto g android mobile phonMotorola Moto G

Published in Phones by mfereday on Dec 31, 2013
When considering a new smartphone, do you look for the latest, high price model with all the latest bells & whistle or check out the more economical models?

727315 Prestigio MultiPhone 5430 android phonPrestigio Phone PAP5430

Published in Phones by paul_smart on Oct 30, 2013
A European Phone and Tablet company that had a brief foray in the UK a few years ago, now they are back backed by the biggest name in chips in their phones Intel. So what has the Multiphone PAP5430 got to offer users?

720696 multi phone android 543Prestigio Multiphone 5430

Published in Phones by mfereday on Oct 22, 2013
Joining, what is already considered a heavily populated consumer marketplace, is the Prestigio Multiphone 5430 product. For those not familiar with the name of Prestigio, I should explain that this is a brand name of ASBIS, a component distributor based in Cyprus. While not one of the leading lights in the UK, the Prestigio brand has a higher profile in several other European countries.

716142 Doro PhoneEasy 62Doro Phones

Published in Phones by paul_smart on Oct 7, 2013
Here I am looking at two different Doro phones. Doro are a company that started in land line phones and soon found their niche in supplying mobile phones for the hard or hearing and or those with limited sight at a reasonable price.

711011 doro phoneeasy 622 mobile phonA Two-toned PhoneEasy Unit

Published in Phones by mfereday on Sep 21, 2013
Sticking with the same name followed by a unique number does provide a manufacturer with an easy choice of options when it comes to naming its various products. One company that has taken this approach is Doro with its range of handsets designed with simplicity in mind. The latest of these products to come my way is the PhoneEasy 622 which adopts a clamshell style of appearance.

710710 Asus PadFone2 Phone and Station TableAsus Padphone 2

Published in Phones by paul_smart on Sep 18, 2013
Asus are a company that I think of for computers and motherboards. So when the opportunity to look at a mobile phone from them it seems an interesting option. The name puzzled me for a moment until I related the ‘Pad’ part to a tablet.

707437 Prestigio MultiPhone 4500 Dual SIM and SIM Free SmartphonPrestigio Android Multiphone 5430

Published in Phones by adrianmorant on Sep 15, 2013
The Prestigio Multiphone 5430 is a competitively priced Android smartphone. It is being launched into the UK market to capitalise on the recognition achieved by the brand with its range of tablets over the past year or so. It has a 4.3inch display and 8MP pixel camera and is targeted at those users who want the flexibility that an unlocked phone brings in the increasingly competitive tariff jungle.

704894 vodafone smart mini android smart phonVodafone Smart Mini

Published in Phones by mfereday on Sep 3, 2013
Joining the Vodafone Smart family of handsets is the Smart Mini. This baby of the family is firmly entrenched in the budget market price category. This model is available for around £50 on a Pay as you Go (PAYG) basic. There is a choice of white, pink or black colour schemes with my review sample, supplied by Vodafone, being of the latter hue.

702967 Vodafone Smart III Android Smart PhonVodafone Smart III

Published in Phones by mfereday on Aug 27, 2013
Always willing to help when I am on the look-out for a product to review, Vodafone’s PR agency sent me a couple of handsets on which one is the subject of this next review.

704523 Doro PhoneEasy 50Doro Phone Easy 506

Published in Phones by paul_smart on Aug 23, 2013
This is the latest in a line of Mobile Phones from Doro suitable for those with a hearing or seeing disability. It even now comes in a box little bigger than the phone itself, even the box is easy to get into for those with less dexterity.