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Know any good health and fitness gadgets? Want to find out what other people think? Find out what gadgets you're missing out on that could make your life so much easier? It's all here in the Health and Beauty topic!

595652 axbo alarm clock fronaXbo Alarm Clock

Published in Health and Beauty by paul_smart on Nov 29, 2009
A clear Perspex face (black letters on a clear background) and either a white of black surround. This is an alarm clock but an alarm clock that only wakes you at the required time should your sleep pattern not allow a gentle wake, up to 30 minutes earlier.
As a mere man I know its impossible for a woman to walk past a shoe shop without at least a good look, here might be a way to avoid it, online shoe shops and best of all this site has no less than 40 different brands on show.
I'm into reviewing on-line shopping experiences and I'm into quality. What a pleasure to find a website that offers both a swish experience and the best shoes in town. Check out
I first heard about this on a TV program, found the link and arranged to try one. Things do not always go to plan and this certainly was one of those occasions.
Anyone who can follow a receipt can make bread successfully with a decent bread making machine as it does all the kneading, proving and cooking it will then even keep it warm for you to eat when ready.

569541 overboard carbon backpacMore Backpacks

Published in Health and Beauty by paul_smart on Feb 1, 2009
These are slightly different, they are 100% waterproof, no not just for the British weather but for those who go out ‘on the water’ and therefore run the risk of going ‘Overboard’ here a carbon backpack and a waist pack.

Rucksacks and Backpacks

Published in Health and Beauty by paul_smart on Jan 11, 2009
Always popular maybe because they enables everything to be put behind us? A decent backpack/rucksack allows the weight to be carefully distributed across the shoulders and back enabling a larger amount to be carried in comfort. Here I look at offerings from Belkin and Wenger

567572 polar personal trainePolar FA20

Published in Health and Beauty by jzblue on Jan 3, 2009
Have you ever wondered how much activity you do in a day? Do you want to set yourself targets to achieve better all round fitness? Polar have a new, easy to use gadget that is worth checking out.

554566 philips sonicare hx678Philips Sonicare

Published in Health and Beauty by paul_smart on Oct 31, 2008
Not a Sonic Screwdriver but a Sonic Toothbrush, this will not – as far as I know – open locks and solve the secrets of the universe but it will according to Philips get your teeth two shades whiter in two weeks.
An eco friendly hairdryer that is great value, will save you money on electricity, dry your hair fast and give you a smoother than normal finish - unbelieveable but true!
I have used an electric razor of one sort or another for more years than I like to remember. However this Philips system was something totally new to me as shall we say a mature user.

philips flexcare sonic toothbrusTeeth and Brush Cleaning

Published in Health and Beauty by mfereday on Apr 9, 2008
Technology is becoming increasingly involved in the health and condition of your teeth. A recent example is the new Philips Sonicare Flexcare.

braun pulsonic electric razeA Celebrity Shave

Published in Health and Beauty by mfereday on Mar 26, 2008
Recently it could be said that I have been pampering my face as it has been introduced to a shaver more suited to the A-list clientele.

health herbNatural Remedies

Published in Health and Beauty by paul_smart on Mar 16, 2008
When conventional medicines fail to help you may often look to other things like herbs to solve the problems. Here I explore a few of the alternatives.
I've tried several heart-rate monitoring watches with varying (but low!) levels of success in the past. This time it's the turn of Suunto with their T1 watch.
The first a food item to fight the big two of Bovril and Marmite and the second a book to provide tasty recipes for Diabetics. Yes the link is tenuous but as I am a Diabetic and I like Toastmate it’s made.
Through the many years that have past since the first whisps of stubble fought their way on my spotty young chin I've tried all the various shaving solutions in a vain attempt to create a baby smooth finish.
I was more than a little skeptical when a toothbrush priced at over £130 arrived here for review. At first I thought there must be some mistake in the pricing - but no. This is the most advanced toothbrush in the Oral-B range.
Here we review 3 brands of epilator units designed to produce smooth hair-free legs.
Are you looking for the best hair straighteners to go to that party, or just look great for work. We put 4 different hair straighteners to the test.
With this little foursome she can have a pampering experience any night of the week - and you'll still have change from £100. Great gadgety beauty gifts for the girls at Christmas.