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Know any good health and fitness gadgets? Want to find out what other people think? Find out what gadgets you're missing out on that could make your life so much easier? It's all here in the Health and Beauty topic!

662461 tefal fresh expresTefal Fresh Express

Published in Health and Beauty by paul_smart on June 3, 2012
Strangely enough I saw this at a launch last year, at the same event the large Kitchen Machine was shown and as that became available first it was reviewed first. Here this little device is for anyone who chops and slices.

655203 Philips Avance HR1871 Whole Fruit JuicePhilips Juicer HR1871

Published in Health and Beauty by paul_smart on Jan 30, 2012
Anyone who tends to want fresh juice really should have a juicer as they tend to get far more from items than the manual alternative. This unit claims to get 10% more juice out than other such products; I have tested this over Christmas.

653243 air wick odour detect compacGood Breathing

Published in Health and Beauty by paul_smart on Dec 11, 2011
My first thought was good breathe but then everyone would think about the mouth and teeth and keeping them clean. These two products help you to breathe better first one for Asthma and second one to benefit others.

653241 Zeo Sleep Manager MobilZeo Sleep Manager

Published in Health and Beauty by paul_smart on Dec 5, 2011
If you own an iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad then this app together with the headband and software can tell you how well you are sleeping. I am perhaps not the best to review this as my sleep patterns are to say the least erratic.

652717 Philips RQ1280 SensoTouch GyroFlePhilips SensoTouch 3D

Published in Health and Beauty by paul_smart on Nov 30, 2011
Itís been a while since I have reviewed anything from Philips; I think the last thing was their Sonicare Electric Toothbrush. Here I am looking at their latest battery operated shaver although it is far more than a simple shaver.
Two items for home use although the second could have uses almost anywhere. First a Blood Pressure Cuff for all those who need to keep regular checks. The second is a USB temperature sensor that works and reports it.

630229 Oregon i Comfort All Purpose MassageAll Purpose Massager

Published in Health and Beauty by paul_smart on Jan 3, 2011
A name does not always help in explaining a product. This item massages the shoulders and gives massage and heat relief to the lower back, either can be used individually or together however I cannot agree with the Ďall purposeí part of the name.

630234 withings body scales internet connecteWiFi Bathroom Scales

Published in Health and Beauty by paul_smart on Dec 26, 2010
While these scales do tell your weight they also tell you your fat mass and even your body mass index. Unlike the only other device I have seen that did all this that cost into four figures this one only just creeps into three.

628293 rubber soled shoeRubbersole Shoes

Published in Health and Beauty by paul_smart on Dec 12, 2010
Just over a year ago I told you about my foray into buying a pair of boots by mail order. Yes I know itís a man thing as most women I know delight in trying on every pair in the shop before buying the first they tried on anyway.

627021 wahl deluxe gift seWAHL Deluxe Gift Set

Published in Health and Beauty by petew on Nov 23, 2010
Christmas is on the way - and if you need a gift idea for a man in your life then you might want to take a look at the WAHL Deluxe Gift Set. That is if the man in question takes his grooming seriously!
For those of you who need to get up before dawn during these winter months, the Lumie Bodyclock will wake you up gently with a simulated dawn experience and an alarm.

622984 oregan scientific rainbow clocWellness from Oregon

Published in Health and Beauty by paul_smart on Oct 25, 2010
Two items from Oregon Scientific one firmly in their Wellness range and other for relaxation so this loosely fits in. First a Heart Rate monitor that does far more than just check the rate. Second a Soothing Sounds clock that can also be used to play from an MP3 of iPod.
Although there have been bearded times in my life, like many men shaving is an integral part of my daily routine so I'm always keen to try the latest technology in this area!

614757 kifit fitness devicKiFit Device

Published in Health and Beauty by paul_smart on Aug 6, 2010
Do you want to lost weight, gain weight or just maintain your current weight? This small device can help you to obtain your targets if they be daily, weekly or some other measurement. I tried it for ten day recently.

Long Term Cures!

Published in Health and Beauty by paul_smart on Apr 4, 2010
Certain things make a claim that can be easily verified, others take longer. Certain claims may be initially true others may take time to prove. Then again some may never be proven/disproven even after a long trial period.
This is version two of the Wake Up Light. I reviewed the first one nearly two years ago (26-3-08) and this one is smaller and does extra things so it is certainly not only a lovely peaceful way to be roused from your slumbers.

595652 axbo alarm clock fronaXbo Alarm Clock

Published in Health and Beauty by paul_smart on Nov 29, 2009
A clear Perspex face (black letters on a clear background) and either a white of black surround. This is an alarm clock but an alarm clock that only wakes you at the required time should your sleep pattern not allow a gentle wake, up to 30 minutes earlier.
As a mere man I know its impossible for a woman to walk past a shoe shop without at least a good look, here might be a way to avoid it, online shoe shops and best of all this site has no less than 40 different brands on show.
I'm into reviewing on-line shopping experiences and I'm into quality. What a pleasure to find a website that offers both a swish experience and the best shoes in town. Check out
I first heard about this on a TV program, found the link and arranged to try one. Things do not always go to plan and this certainly was one of those occasions.
Anyone who can follow a receipt can make bread successfully with a decent bread making machine as it does all the kneading, proving and cooking it will then even keep it warm for you to eat when ready.