840344 avanquest village quest gamMatch-3 Village Building

Published in Entertainment by mfereday on Mar 18, 2015
A new game from GSP combines two different genres as a lonely knight builds his own community.

840244 Blue Microphones Mo Fi Powered High Fidelity HeadphoneComfortable Audio Listening

Published in Entertainment by mfereday on Mar 14, 2015
Having checked out numerous headphones from different companies in the past I was not expecting to be surprised by the appearance of this next set of headphones from Blue Microphones which arrived for review. But surprise was the emotion I felt as I lifted the product from its box. These over-the-ears headphones, with a difference, are the Mo-Fi which come with the name of Blue emblazoned on each ear piece. However it was not the Blue lo

840193 qvc ntune on ear headphoneMonster N-Tune Headphones

Published in Entertainment by paul_smart on Mar 13, 2015
A pair of small on ear headphones from a quality name Monster, these were sent to me to review from the QVC TV channel. So what have these headphones to offer well first of all the price is somewhat less than you might expect.

840241 gspgames alchemy quesAlchemy Quest

Published in Entertainment by mfereday on Mar 12, 2015
The development team of Michal Rawdanowicz, Adrian Kaiser and Erkan Karagocz at rokapublish want to send you on a quest. With this particular outing, you are to embark on the Alchemy Quest which is a game belonging to the popular Match-3 genre.

840106 avanquest fantasy quesRescuing Fairies

Published in Entertainment by mfereday on Mar 4, 2015
With this new Match-3 game from rokapublish you have the choice of game play as you rescue trapped fairies from an evil sorcerer.
Marketed as DJ headphones these are rather fine on-ear offerings that have both 3.5mm and 6.3mm plugs. So what do you get for your money from the Pioneer HDJ-C70? As stated the sound quality is superb from the 40mm driver, the whole finish is quality.

840105 Thumbs Up Touch Mini Boombox SpeakeA Groovy Speaker

Published in Entertainment by mfereday on Feb 28, 2015
Rather than Bluetooth connectivity, this next speaker uses touch as its means of receiving a signal.

839905 avanquest Aztec VenturCollecting Aztec Treasure

Published in Entertainment by mfereday on Feb 25, 2015
With over 100 levels, this next game is aimed at fans of the Match-3 genre.

839904 Supreme League of Patriots Season PasBecoming a Superhero

Published in Entertainment by mfereday on Feb 21, 2015
Welcome to the world according to Kyle Keever and his sidekick Mel. Be prepared for a modern day adventure in New York City.
This is a tiny device that has two jobs, first to amplify the signal from your MP3 or other audio device and second to allow the signal to be shared so no longer will you need to see one earpiece in one ear and the other in another personís ear.

839809 avanquest Millionaire ManoMillionaire Manor

Published in Entertainment by mfereday on Feb 18, 2015
Captured failed game contestants, twelve styles of hidden object game play and a television game show can all be found in Millionaire Manor.

839842 Naim mu so Digital Wireless Bluetooth Music System with Apple AirPlaNAIM MU-SO

Published in Entertainment by paul_smart on Feb 18, 2015
As most will know Naim produce quality high end audio products so a unit cost less than four figures is for Naim near entry level. This is a quality six speaker system in a single case however it is not a completely dumb unit.

839839 Pioneer XW LF1 K Bluetooth ActivPioneer Free Me

Published in Entertainment by paul_smart on Feb 15, 2015
The last item I reviewed from Pioneer was an excellent sound bar, here something much smaller in fact it is designed to give sound without wires and is something you may use when away from home or your office itís called Free Me.

839808 Fantasy Mosaics 6   Into the UnknowFantasy Mosaics 6

Published in Entertainment by mfereday on Feb 14, 2015
Whether referred to as Griddlers, nonograms or Hanjie, there is one type of puzzle game which I found hard to resist. You could almost say it was a kind of addiction as I can find myself attempting to solve just one more of these puzzles when I should be getting on with something entirely different. This is yet another case as I struggle to break away from playing to write this review.

839635 avanquest the emerald maideSymphony of Dreams

Published in Entertainment by mfereday on Feb 11, 2015
As can happen with dreams not everything is as it appears in a new addition to GSPís game catalogue as you attempt to free your family.

839515 GPO Jam 3 Speed Stand Alone Vinyl TurntablGPO JAM Record Deck

Published in Entertainment by paul_smart on Feb 9, 2015
This is a slightly smaller unit than the offering I reviewed last summer, as a more basic version it lacks a few of the features but for anyone without something to play and or transfer their LPs on this is certainly well worth consideration.

839458 eggtronic hut it flexible charging solutioMultiple Power Charging

Published in Entertainment by mfereday on Feb 5, 2015
This next product has certainly taken its time in getting to me. I hasten to point out that the extended delay was not down to the developers of the product but the inability of the courier service to do its job and deliver the product. I should point out that this company was not the one to go into receivership recently.

839634 avanquest relics of fate gamRelics of Fate

Published in Entertainment by mfereday on Feb 4, 2015
Can you help rescue Pennyís father and locate the hidden Relics of Fate in this Hidden Object Adventure game?
While various mobile devices allow us to listen to music, sometimes the quality lacks a little in volume and certain functionality. Lindy believes this next product can help in such circumstances.
Orbotix labs latest creation Ollie arrived with me a little late for Christmas but anyone with money to spare should still consider Ollie as he can do things that Sphero and Sphero 2 could not, sometimes he even has a mind of his own.

839455 Mystery Case Files Dire Grove, Sacred GrovA Return to Dire Grove

Published in Entertainment by mfereday on Jan 31, 2015
When the local inhabitants come into conflict with nature, who do they send for but you. Can you help restore peace and harmony to Dire Grove?