766690 Edifier LUNA Eclipse E25 Bluetooth ActivLuna Eclipse Speakers

Published in Entertainment by mfereday on Mar 20, 2014
One of these days Edifier is going to produce a speaker system with a more traditional design concept for one of its speaker unit. But this is definitely not one of those days with the arrival of this next Edifier speaker system.

766691 Focus Hidden Wonders of the Depths IA Match 3 Bonanza

Published in Entertainment by mfereday on Mar 19, 2014
It is time to venture underwater as you embark on a Match 3 extravaganza with a choice of two difficulty levels.
The Achilles heel of home projectors in the past has always been the lamp - short-lived, expensive to replace and generating heat that typically needs a noisy fan to disperse. For the past five years or so a solution has been waiting in the wings. LED as an illumination source is much cooler and longer-lasting. But for any other than small unambitious projectors it's been too dim. Or far too expensive. Until now.

762672 Plantronics RIG Stereo Headset and MixeRigged To Go

Published in Entertainment by mfereday on Mar 18, 2014
There are headsets and there are headsets. This is also the RIG system.
This is a speaker with a handle that can be mains or battery powered. Apart from Bluetooth, NFC and the ability to have a hands free conversation with it from a Smartphone it also has a 3.5mm socket so an MP3 player can be connected.

761308 croftReturn of the Duke

Published in Entertainment by mfereday on Mar 12, 2014
To avoid any confusion for older readers, I should point out that the subtitle of this next game, “Return of the Duke” does not refer or have anything to do with Marion Mitchell Morrison (aka John Wayne) who was the star in numerous action films.

762669 Grim Tales   The WisheA Grim Tale or Two

Published in Entertainment by mfereday on Mar 8, 2014
Magic, stone statues, innovative mini games and spoken dialogue are mixed together with a dash of evil intent in this next two-game pack.

761307 Amaranthine Voyage Living Mountain Collectors EditioThe Living Mountain

Published in Entertainment by mfereday on Mar 5, 2014
Amaranthine Voyage: The Living Mountain is the follow-up title to the first Amaranthine game which dealt with The Tree of Life. Do not worry if, like me, you missed the first offering as the Living Mountain is entirely self-contained and requires no previous knowledge of the first game. However your role will remain the same as you take on the mantle of Professor Burns who has now returned to the classroom while still trying to convince the populace at large that the tales of The Tree of L
Are big screen TVs too big your budget? For Chris Bidmead, they're too small for his living room. He likes a blank wall displaying a 100 inch projector screen. For full immersive HD movie watching (in 3D, if you're that way inclined) the ViewSonic's PJD7820HD delivers all this and more - for around £600.

760900 drummond park Logo Billionaire Board GamGames from Drummond Park

Published in Entertainment by paul_smart on Mar 2, 2014
Here I am looking at a board game that has had several incarnations over the years it is suitable for 8-88 years olds. Second a game – also a reincarnation – suitable for the same age groups but I think far younger will enjoy the ‘dough’.
And you thought the Red Riding Hood story ended with the death of the wolf at the hands of the woodman but that was only the start.

759121 avanquest dark mysteries the soul keepeA Case of Saving Souls

Published in Entertainment by mfereday on Feb 26, 2014
Based on a H. P. Lovecraft novel, this next game places you in the role of a detective attempting to defeat a recently raised-from-the-dead murderer.
With a lot of people downloading everything I rarely get the chance to review few audio systems with a CD now. While the number of us still buying media is falling we are still a substantial part of the market and CDs need to be played.

A Dangerous Card Game

Published in Entertainment by mfereday on Feb 22, 2014
A Dangerous Card Game

757031 game the curse of the werewolveAn Adventure in the Dark

Published in Entertainment by mfereday on Feb 19, 2014
Like the grandmother in Red Riding Hood, there is a connection between the grandmother in this tale and a creature of the wolf family.

760893 MF 100 On Ear Headphones with Leather EarpadMusical Fidelity MF-100

Published in Entertainment by paul_smart on Feb 19, 2014
A set of not that heavy on ear headphones. A novel touch that you notice immediately is the slim red and blue rings that sit in the centre of each earpiece to help you decide which way the earpieces fit without looking for the little ‘L’.

754670 Alex Hunter Lord of the MinAlex Hunter: Lord of the Mind

Published in Entertainment by mfereday on Feb 15, 2014
Alex Hunter is your typical Private Eye or some might prefer the term of Gumshoe. Typical that is if you exist in a world inhabited by characters created by authors such as Mickey Spillane and Raymond Chandler. This slightly more refined Private Eye, than those Spillane and Chandler originals, is your role in the Epic Star developed game of Alex Hunter Lord of the Mind.

751810 Epson EH TW490 HD Ready 720p 3LCD Home Cinema ProjectoEpson EH-TW490

Published in Entertainment by bidmead on Feb 13, 2014
Very decent home cinema projectors can now routinely be had for around 500 quid. But how do you pick a winner you'll be happy to live with from this cheap and cheerful bunch? As the TV industry hurries us ever upwards towards 4K (four times the number of pixels in a regular HD TV screen) punters tend to view pixel count as the prime requirement. Chris Bidmead thinks there are more important factors to look out for.

757029 Creative WP 380 High Performance Bluetooth Wireless Headphone with NFA Multi-Connecting Headset

Published in Entertainment by mfereday on Feb 13, 2014
The latest headset to arrive from Creative contains some features I had not previously encountered before.

A Mahjong Story

Published in Entertainment by mfereday on Feb 12, 2014
Described as an “epic makeover” of the ancient tile matching board game, Age of Mahjong (one of the various spelling used for this Chinese board game) combines a series of Mahjong board layouts with a story line that spreads over 56 levels. This Adept Software developed game was originally published by Alawar and now forms part of Avanquest’s GSP games catalogue.

756511 Geemarc CL7400 Amplified Wireless Digital TV HeadseGeemarc CL7400 Wi-Fi Sound

Published in Entertainment by paul_smart on Feb 10, 2014
Often such devices fail after a few feet, here is one I could leave my lounge, move to front door and then out into the street. Now that is what I call Wi-Fi and unlike some that only work for things with a 3.5mm jack these will work with RCA jacks as well.