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Total Data Destruction 

Out of sight, out of mind is not a sensible approach to your data when disposing of unwanted storage devices. Every effort should be made to ensure the data is destroyed before parting company.
Iolo Drive Scrubber

While we take precautions with anti-virus software, pop-up blockers, spam filters and various security devices (well at least I hope you do), how many consider the danger of having our personal data falling into the hands of others through our own fault.  This can easily happen when we sell, donate or otherwise dispose of computer equipment that is no longer wanted.  Relying of the delete command to remove data from a hard disk is asking for trouble.  Even running the format option on a hard disk is not enough to totally remove data from the prying eyes of those who have the appropriate equipment.  You really need specialised tools to completely destroy data residing on a hard disk.  Drive Scrubber 3 offers to provide this type of solution for the security conscious.

As it titles implies, this software from iolo technologies, performs a scrubbing operation on designated media by overwriting the data several times, even exceeding US Department of Defence standards.  This should ensure that your data can not be restored by even the most advanced recovery and forensic techniques.

Drive Scrubber 3 does have a number of features which I found to be both annoying and rather surprising.  Even before the product's installation starts, a check is made on the Internet for any updates.  While this can be beneficial, surely permission should be asked prior to this hit on the user's Broadband or even dial up connection.  You can get round this initial checking by not being connected to the Internet but then you will quickly discover that the installation routine will not proceed without a connection as a check needs to be made on the user ID and product serial number which you are required to enter.

Once the installation is complete you are advised to restart the system.  However no mention is made regarding removing the CD from the drive.  This lack of information could cause a certain amount of surprise or anguish as the CD is of the bootable variety and you are taken into a DOS-like mode rather than the expected Windows.  This is the environment used by Drive Scrubber to carry out its disk cleansing operations.

By removing the CD, prior to the restart or before rebooting yet again, you will be able to get back into the familiar Windows desktop.  Clicking on the Drive Scrubber 3 icon or Start menu entry brings up an interface that leads you through the process of creating a bootable CD that can be used instead of the product's CD to start the drive scrubbing operation.

Drive Scrubber 3 will recognise all drives attached to the system, whether they are of the fixed or removable variety and include USB, USB2, and Firewire devices.  Any drives that are found will be listed ready for you to select which should be scrubbed of all data.  Options are available to select from a single overwrite; US Department of Defence 5.20.22 compliant seven overwrites; or Gutmann's Maximum Security which involves 35 passes.  You can also call for the operation to be verified; have the wipe run from end to beginning; performed an additional final wipe using all zeros; allow an interruption of the wiping process; and create a Department of Defence-style log file.

Generally the scrubbing process proved to be problem-free although one attempt using a 3.5-inch floppy disk failed to complete the course and stopped working with only 90% completed.  Some users, especially those with older systems, might encounter a problem with their system not being set up to automatically boot from a CD.  In such an instance, the computer's BIOS will normally allow you to manually change the appropriate setting.

Drive Scrubber 3 can handle FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, Mac, Linux, UNIX and Sun file systems.  The software requires Windows 98 or later with 128MB of RAM, 10MB of hard disk space and Internet Explorer 6 and later.  The product has been priced at £19.99 for a three-user licence.

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Comment by Jbird, Aug 9, 2013 21:22

Won't boot from cd as claimed. Iola's solution is too pay for "special" service for them to troubleshoot (surprise , surprise).
I just wanted to trash my laptop "safely" like the software claims to be able to do.
A quick Internet search revealed that I am not the only one having this problem with iolo's Drive scrubber.
Buyer beware!

Comment by dustin, Apr 7, 2013 16:00

To easy works great people with problems Probley should buy a Xbox or ps3.... ioio works great if you use it way it was intended

Comment by Vinny Blair, Mar 29, 2011 22:38

I bought this software at the recommendation of the geek squad at Best Buy. I'm donating my PC and while I don't have much personal stuff on it I just dont want to see pictures of me or my family floating across the Internet with someone elses' names.  ANyhow, I used the CD and installed the software on my PC, which then ran an update to make sure it was using the most current version. Then I had to make sure I was paying attention because the instructions that come with the software are not clear.  You have 3 options at the start:  wipe the disk, wipe free space, and create a back up CD. I had a to do a couple of reboots but finally got it to work with the wipe disk feature.  I have a 5 GB drive and when I tried to run the most secure cleaning it said it would take 50 hours! The 7-pass Pentagon Approved cleaning said it would take 39 hours! The other option, the 1 pass, took 5 hours.  But when I started the wiping, I had to watch the instructions on the screen as there are a number of fail-safes built in to ensure you don't inadvertantly start the wiping feature.  All in all it does what its intended to do but its not straight forward...

Comment by Michull, Nov 12, 2010 16:31

This software works perfectly fine. I just bought it at Compusa the other day. The latest version does not require a floppy boot disk to scrub. You load it just like any other software and run it from windows. I have used it to scrub two drives so far using an external docking station with an eSata connection and it scrubbed them 5 to 10 times faster than the previous version that requires a bootable floppy. I mean the spead was blistering compared to the older version. 300 gig drive old version took 12 hours. Same drive with the latest version running within windows took less than 2 hours for a DOD scrub. I have also used it to scrub a USB 2.0 external HD but because of the slower USB connection speed it of course takes a little longer. I highly recommend this software iolo has got it right with this version I have 3.7.0. This version or any newer versions should all work fine.

Comment by megustatinto, Sep 12, 2010 0:05

Piece of junk!!!  Don't buy this.  Dscrub v3.5 in any mode, quick, DOD,etc, none work, around 11-15mb system crashes back to DOS prompt of c:dscrub.  To no avail will this product work.  Trying to cleanse a 149GB SCSI drive but won't work.  Save your money.

Comment by Richard Olson, Aug 4, 2010 14:27

Piece of junk. Wasted time and money on this product. Tried to clean a laptop with Windows Vista. This product doesn't work and directions are vague at best. Wouldn't buy anything like this again.

Comment by Alan, Jan 24, 2010 6:08

I bought System Mechanic Pro to use the Drive Scrubber, and use the other programs on my other Computer.
Drive Scrubber DOES NOT WORK! Followed the instructions..created a Boot Disk for a 3.5 floppy.  Restarted Windows and it tells me to install diskette into Drive B and hit any key.  I do so and then it tells me to install diskette in Drive A and hit any key.  Supposedly, the boot disk is to be used for only Drive A.  I agree, this is a piece of garbage and I will never purchase another product from IOLO.  
I previously bought a copy of System Mechanic, v6 from the same company and it worked great with a great interface which was easy to use.  I subsequently bought the latest update (System Mechanic v8 which has a new interface and also is a piece of junk.

I will never, ever buy another IOLO product.  Stay away from this company who does not back up their products!!!!

Comment by Cotton Rashii, Nov 25, 2009 5:10

This is an excellent product for any one wanting to fix their computer to be brand new! My computer was always running choppy and would take 10 mins to boot up, and after I used drive scrubber it runs brand new, and Its awesome to have my old computer new again!!!:)

Comment by shooter, Oct 15, 2009 23:53

I called the customer service number two times yesterday for information about Drive Scrubber and both times I asked if the price was $19.95 as was listed on the web site. Both times I was told "yes". I ordered the product to be delivered online and the price was listed as $19.95, $10 off the regular price of $29.95. After I received the product I received a receipt which showed my credit card had been billed $29.95. I called the customer service number again and asked the representative to correct the billing and I was told, "I'm sorry sir, I can't do that." I hung up and promptly filed a complaint with the United States Federal Trade Commission. My next contact will be the Better Business Bureau and trade media. Beware of this company!

Comment by Gene, Oct 12, 2009 0:48

The program worked as advertised but I can not recommend this program as you can not buy the software you just rent it for a set timeframe then you must BUY it again. What kind of update do you need to do to erase a disk, but after reading other reviews I see that like most software today is put on the market before it is ready for prime time.

Comment by Chris, Aug 26, 2009 3:44

Completly erased all the information on my hard drive, i had an old computer loaded with errors and viruses, as a last resort I got this product deleting everying thing including windows xp and all the errors and viruses, I then reinstalled windows xp, and now my computer works flawlessly, Higly Recommened For Anyone Selling A Computer!!!

Comment by mike, Aug 17, 2009 23:01

I bought System Mechanic Pro to use the Drive Scrubber, and use the other programs on my other Computer.
Drive Scrubber DOES NOT WORK! Followed the instructions..created a Boot Disk, Restarted Windows...and am just back to my original Start screen.
I have burnt 6 CD's trying to get this to work. I have tried EVERY work around and still no go.
Three times I filled out comments on iOLO's home page, and received confirmation numbers about my issues, and told I would be contacted. I have heard NOTHING back from them.
That's a $100 I could have been happy not spending for this CRAP Software. And would have saved two days of needless effort.

Comment by stevenotts, Apr 6, 2009 2:46

I wasted money buying this product...i thought it was my limited knowledge of computers that was the problem...but it simply does not do what it says on the box..several emails to better off...i have spent probably the equivalent of several days trying to get it to work ..i once managed to partially erase some free space but like so many other users it crashed..which makes it useless..not any option whatsoever to erase complete drive..says make copy on disc but then tells me to install blank  disc in drive which has blank disc..tells me its not there...also i have CD which is original i should not have to download anyway ..but does not give me option to use original......I could go on and on and on about this useless product..but i guess most of you have found out for yourselves

Comment by Kevin, Jan 2, 2009 17:08

I have installed this disc scrubber on a laptop I am trying to clean. I have the same problem as the first post. After about 15 MB it crashes to DOS screen with D:]DSCRUB _   It appears to be running as the lite indicator is flashing for the HD. However after an overnight run, I shut it off and rebooted..adn it starts right up in windows. I have tried running it through windows, and it does nothing after the restart is selected. It has also given me an error "iolosystemservice" required to run...and booting fro the CD is the crash problem. I have tried numerous tims, and reintalled three times...What has to be done to run this program?

Comment by john, Dec 30, 2008 18:48

I have installed Drive scrubber 3.5 and all is well until I start wiping. After it wipes about 7 Mb 20 sec. it crashes.  Dos screen comes up with range error and that's it. I can no lomger start vista. SAfe mode does not work, recovery not booting. I think the small portion taht it has wiped is the most important 7 MB i need. Contacted iolo but I only have email addrress. Be nice if they had a chat line or phon #. Tried many times to wipe but always the same result.
Thanks for any help. Think I am buying a new hard drive.

Comment by hobnob, Dec 1, 2008 16:53

Who ever thought it would be a good idea to only be able to install the product on a PC with an Internet connection is absolutely stupid. Most of the people would be using this on an old pc which has been in their sheds for years, which would obviously have no Internet connection, rendering this product useless.

Comment by bonnielady, Jul 22, 2008 14:26

I have been a client of iolo now for about 3 years when i first bought drive scrubber it worked well then i had to re subcribe things still were ok i have had to scubcribe again this year (3 weeks ago) things now all going wrong
i cant get floppy to open and when it does its not starting my keypad therefore
i am unable to use the prog is there anyone out there that can help as i have gotten fed up with sending messages to iolo with no reply
to day i re purchased the product again but still the same thing is happening

please help me

Comment by woody, Feb 17, 2008 19:22

I'm intending to give away my old pc but I want to scrub it first. I have no internet connection at all on that pc, so I cannot install the software. I couldn't care less about updates to the software - I want to use it once and never ever ever use it again. I've got a question in to IOLO to see if I can get around this stupid restriction.

Comment by Shellie, Oct 13, 2007 18:17

I found this a really easy software tool to use and despite the reviewers concerns about checking for updates, which I happen to think is a great idea. I would rather be sure that I automatically had the most current version of any product, than discover a probelm later becuase I forgot to check for updates myself.
All I can say is I now have complete peace of mind that my PC can now be of use to the charity I am donating it too. I am safe in the knowledge my personal data can never be recovered and a big bonus for me is that I can pass this on with the Operating System still in place have cleared all of the free space, which means the Charity can begin to benifit straight away.
I submitted this twice because I selected the wrong 'Smiley' 1st time around

Comment by Shellie, Oct 13, 2007 18:13

I found this a really easy software tool to use and despite the reviewers concerns about checking for updates, which I happen to think is a great idea. I would rather be sure that I automatically had the most current version of any product, than discover a probelm later becuase I forgot to check for updates myself.
All I can say is I now have complete peace of mind that my PC can now be of use to the charity I am donating it too. I am safe in the knowledge my personal data can never be recovered and a big bonus for me is that I can pass this on with the Operating System still in place have cleared all of the free space, which means the Charity can begin to benifit straight away.

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