Tell us about your wi-fi set-up or why you have or are looking to invest in a DAB radio?

727697 TRENDnet AC1200 TEW 805UB Dual Band Wireless USB AdaptoUSB Wireless Dongle by Trendnet

Published in Wireless by paul_smart on Nov 3, 2013
Like so many things you have not got, you manage, often until you have it you do not realise what sort of problems you were overcoming. Here I am referring to the Wi-FI ability of a device, where Ethernet just is too difficult.

723415 devolo wireless homeplug wifi kiStrengthening Wi-Fi

Published in Wireless by mfereday on Oct 31, 2013
As one of the leading suppliers of HomeBase network technology, Devolo has been taking a look at how best to include Wi-Fi into a HomeBase network

711014 HMDX HX P230BLA EU Jam Wireless Portable SpeakeA Speaker Jam

Published in Wireless by mfereday on Sep 26, 2013
Packaging can play an important role when presenting a product to a customer. Take this next Bluetooth speaker for instance.

711009 D Link DIR 506L Pocket Cloud RouteA Portable Network

Published in Wireless by mfereday on Sep 24, 2013
They say things come in threes – well actually some say bad things come in threes but let’s stick with my original statement and omit the negative aspect. First it was Kingston who provided a product that made use of external devices to provide content that could be streamed wirelessly to smartphones and tablets. This product was closely followed by a Verbatim offering which added password protection to the streaming capability. Now D-Link has sent me its Pocket Cloud

710713 Pure Evoke F4 Bluetooth Portable Internet Radio DAB FPure or Sanstrom

Published in Wireless by paul_smart on Sep 20, 2013
Pure have long been a top name in DAB radios, others have followed and here is an offering from Dixons own label brand Sanstrom as well as the latest offering from Pure. So is the technology any different in the branded product to that on offer from the own label offering?

707037 devolo dLAN 500 AV Wireless homepludevolo dLAN 500 AV Wireless+

Published in Wireless by paul_smart on Sep 1, 2013
The new standard in Power Line transmission seems to 500, not so long ago 200 was nirvana. Here a Starter kit that allows you to connect up to three devices from a single plug socket in that area that Wi-Fi just does not reach.

704519 D Link Wireless AC1750 Dual Band Gigabit Cloud RouteD-Link Router

Published in Wireless by paul_smart on Aug 19, 2013
Having recently looked at a couple of items from D-link it seems a natural extension to look at one of their recent Routers. This would give a no installation setup to their security camera as well as many other items to desire.

700943 verbatim wireless media sharSharing Media via WI-Fi

Published in Wireless by mfereday on Aug 15, 2013
It is Big Red Bus time yet again as two similarly specified devices arrive from different companies.

704517 Sagemcom FaST Pack Powerline AdaptePower Line Networks

Published in Wireless by paul_smart on Aug 14, 2013
Here I am looking at two ways of extending the reach of your Network, until now most solutions have required two plugs to get one extra connection, here I am looking at one that gives three and the other two both at up to 500mbps.

698243 Kingston Technology MLW221 Mobilelite Wireless ReadeMobileLite Wireless

Published in Wireless by mfereday on Aug 3, 2013
Adding wireless capability to your SD memory cards and USB flash sticks is just one feature found in a device from Kingston.

697322 Creative T3150 Bluetooth Speaker System WirelesA Bluetooth 2:1 Speaker System

Published in Wireless by mfereday on Jul 25, 2013
Well known for its audio products, Creative has developed a 2:1 speaker system with a difference.
Recently I visited the London Transport museum, surely one of the cleverer places to launch some Satellite Navigation devices. They launched three and I was allowed to take the top end device and give it a good testing.

693996 damson oyster bluetooth speakeDamson Oyster

Published in Wireless by paul_smart on June 24, 2013
An item from a newish company in the speaker area. This one offers easy Bluetooth and 3.5mm lead connectivity. So in this very crowded area is there space for another company, read on to see what I think of the Damson Oyster.

691340 Pure Move 400D Palm Sized Rechargeable Digital DAB FM RadiPure Move 400D

Published in Wireless by paul_smart on May 31, 2013
Most radios I have reviewed from Pure rely on mains power, some have worked on batteries if you play extra for a ‘ChargePAK’, however this unit is designed to work on its internal batteries charged by USB, no mains lead in sight.

691335 iluv MobiOne Bluetooth Speaker with MicrophonSmall Bluetooth Speakers

Published in Wireless by paul_smart on May 26, 2013
Bluetooth speakers both from iLuv. The first a near cube called the MobiOne. The second looking more like a standard speaker the MobiTour. The lady who sent them must have a wicked sense of humour as they were suggested for Fathers Day one was lipstick red and the other pink.

689113 Orbitsound T9 SoundbaOrbitsound M9

Published in Wireless by paul_smart on May 3, 2013
I have previously reviewed several offering from Orbitsound. However unless my memory is failing this is the first with a sub-woofer and is certainly a first for a wirelessly connected sub-woofer, the main unit can be connected several ways.

689111 panasonic XW BTS3 bluetooth wireless speaker 30Pioneer Wireless Speaker System

Published in Wireless by paul_smart on May 1, 2013
This is a wireless (Bluetooth) speaker system that can also import via 3.5 jack and ‘i’ device dock. Pioneer is one of the better names in audio and the 30 watts output may convert you to this unit. So have they shrunk size to compete in this competitive area?
The first a set of Bluetooth headphones that allow you movement without wires. The second a device to turn almost any audio system into one that is wireless. So you choose if either or both these devices have a place in your life.
It has been quite a while since I last had the opportunity to check out the performance of a device from Seagate. That over-long interval has now been brought to an end with the arrival of the company’s Wireless Plus product. This offering promises to provide the user with the means of accessing their media data when on the move. As its title suggests, this product is based on Seagate developed wireless technology.

687811 Creative Sound Blaster Tactic3D Rage USB Gaming HeadseA Wireless Headset

Published in Wireless by mfereday on Apr 18, 2013
If you are a gamer, one of the hard core brigade, then you will appreciate the need for the appropriate tools that have been specifically developed to fulfil certain tasks. You need to purchase or build the system box with high-end components such as the motherboard and graphics cards and boost its performance with a gaming keyboard and mouse. You might also want to complete the line-up with a gaming headset. One such product is the Sound Blaster TACTIC 3D RAGE uni

686578 Roberts Sound70 Digital Sound SysteRoberts Stream 70

Published in Wireless by paul_smart on Mar 11, 2013
As the front of the Instruction Manual calls it, CD / USB / SD / DAB / FM Digital Sound System with dock for iPod and iPhone. As I would say a proper audio system to suit everyone apart from those who still play LPs.