The Doro wired Comfort 3005 phone, with built-in answering machine, is easy to use and has the features needed by the mature people who form a large portion of the Doro target market. It has an extra-loud facility, is hearing aid-compatible and is a hands-free speakerphone as well as having an easy to read high-contrast display.

662756 sony experia s android mobile phonSony Xperia S

Published in Phones by paul_smart on June 15, 2012
The latest do everything phone from Sony - the Xperia S. In a form factor little bigger than just a mobile phone you can surf the Internet, get your emails, make and receive phone calls and use third party Android software to keep in touch.

662423 Doro PhoneEasy 515 camera phone mobilA Doro Camera Phone

Published in Phones by mfereday on June 2, 2012
Over the years I have checked out a number of Doro mobile handsets but this latest model does offer some firsts with regards to this handset’s feature set.

662455 samsung galaxy notSamsung Galaxy Note

Published in Phones by paul_smart on May 25, 2012
In comparison to the tiny phones of not that long ago this Android offering is huge. But as a friend of mine said it can do ‘everything I want’ so I do not need a PC and if you are a light PC user then why not as the screen is huge.

661975 prada phone 3 from LLG Prada Mobile Phone

Published in Phones by paul_smart on May 18, 2012
Another item launched last year among glitz and glamour at no less a venue than Claridges. I was told it would be on sale in January – maybe is was – but review units only arrived with the UK agency at the very end of March.

661969 doro phoneeasy 505gsm mobile phonDoro PhoneEasy505

Published in Phones by paul_smart on May 11, 2012
The first of a new range of mobile phones from Doro. Doro from Sweden now have a good range of both mobile and home phones. The latter are great DECT units, the former as the one here they produce easy to use units.

661239 doro phone easy 505 mobile phone handseA Basic Handset

Published in Phones by mfereday on May 1, 2012
When a mobile phone arrives in a green box you can be pretty certain it is a Doro product such as this new handset.

660925 HTC Sensation XHTC Sensation XL Phone from Three

Published in Phones by paul_smart on Apr 16, 2012
A lot of phones have naff sound and provide a naff set of cheap earbuds to allow you to suffer in private. Here the sound is better and they provide a set of Monster Beats by Dr Dre so listening to music can be a pleasure.

657587 T Mobile Vivacity android touch screen mobile phonT-Mobile Vivacity

Published in Phones by paul_smart on Feb 29, 2012
A phone from a service provider, not I think unique but certainly most seem to come from third party companies, often a phone – for a period anyway – are only available from a single provider, here the Vivacity from T-Mobile.

656544 Archos Smart Android Home PhonA DECT and Android Phone

Published in Phones by mfereday on Feb 16, 2012
As part of its Home initiative, Archos has developed a DECT handset that uses Android software.

655050 Nokia Lumia 800 Windows SmartphonNokia Lumia 800

Published in Phones by paul_smart on Jan 20, 2012
Nokia have recently jumped off the Simbian bandwagon and joined forces with Microsoft. Here is their first offering together Nokia’s phone expertise and Microsoft’s mobile operating system when Windows 8 arrives on the PC it is rumoured to lot a lot like this.

653517 samsung galaxy S II android smart phonSamsung Galaxy SII

Published in Phones by mfereday on Jan 7, 2012
Adding to its range of handsets, Samsung has released its Galaxy S II handset to tempt you to part with your hard earned cash.

654517 blackberry playbook tablet computeBlackBerry Playbook

Published in Phones by paul_smart on Jan 6, 2012
If you say BlackBerry to any one under forty they probably thing smartphone. If over sixty they thing of a berry growing wild picked in late summer. Here for all it’s the BlackBerry offering into the very crowded Tablet market place.

653030 Samsung B2710 Solid Immerse mobile phonA Phone for Adventure

Published in Phones by mfereday on Dec 29, 2011
When taking part in strenuous activities you might prefer to have an appropriate communication device with you/

652887 Samsung S5670 Galaxy Fit SmartphonFit for Use

Published in Phones by mfereday on Dec 24, 2011
Aimed at users on a limited budget, Samsung feels a new member of its Galaxy family could be what you are looking for.

653589 Proporta USB TurboCharger 700Proporta's Phone Back-Up Power

Published in Phones by adrianmorant on Dec 22, 2011
There cannot be many users of power-hungry portable devices such as iPads and smartphones, who have not seen a warning message that their battery is getting very low or have even had it stop working when the battery dies on them. The Proporta TurboCharger 7000, which is not much larger than a smartphone, can make this a thing of the past.

652556 alcatel one touch 66A Budget Smartphone

Published in Phones by mfereday on Dec 15, 2011
Generally Smartphones tend to come with a price tag that makes you think twice. Alcatel has bucked the trend with its One Touch series of handsets.

652001 samsung galaxy mini android phonThe Mini Galaxy

Published in Phones by mfereday on Dec 3, 2011
Put the words “Samsung” and “Galaxy” together in the same sentence and you could start thinking that the subject matter was going to be a tablet device. However by inserting the word “Mini” into the sentence, the device under consideration would metamorphosis into a smartphone.

652136 viewsonic v350 dual SIM mobile phonViewSonic V350

Published in Phones by mfereday on Nov 12, 2011
A visit to one of theUK’s major distributors annual show brought to my attention a recently released smartphone that possessed a feature that I had not often seen in similar products.

652032 DigitalSilence321Cutting Down Background Noise

Published in Phones by adrianmorant on Nov 6, 2011
Background noise is all-too-often intrusive and often prevents us listening to music or, what can sometimes be worse, having a meaningful phone conversation. This is particularly troublesome when on the move. The Digital Silence DS-321D in-ear stereo headphones are designed to cancel out a large amount of the unwanted noise electronically leaving the desired speech or music to be passed on to one’s ears.

651169 Binatone iHome2 android iDect PhonAn Android DECT Phone

Published in Phones by mfereday on Nov 1, 2011
The Android influence continues to grow as Google’s operating system appears on DECT handsets.