652556 alcatel one touch 66A Budget Smartphone

Published in Phones by mfereday on Dec 15, 2011
Generally Smartphones tend to come with a price tag that makes you think twice. Alcatel has bucked the trend with its One Touch series of handsets.

652001 samsung galaxy mini android phonThe Mini Galaxy

Published in Phones by mfereday on Dec 3, 2011
Put the words “Samsung” and “Galaxy” together in the same sentence and you could start thinking that the subject matter was going to be a tablet device. However by inserting the word “Mini” into the sentence, the device under consideration would metamorphosis into a smartphone.

652136 viewsonic v350 dual SIM mobile phonViewSonic V350

Published in Phones by mfereday on Nov 12, 2011
A visit to one of theUK’s major distributors annual show brought to my attention a recently released smartphone that possessed a feature that I had not often seen in similar products.

652032 DigitalSilence321Cutting Down Background Noise

Published in Phones by adrianmorant on Nov 6, 2011
Background noise is all-too-often intrusive and often prevents us listening to music or, what can sometimes be worse, having a meaningful phone conversation. This is particularly troublesome when on the move. The Digital Silence DS-321D in-ear stereo headphones are designed to cancel out a large amount of the unwanted noise electronically leaving the desired speech or music to be passed on to one’s ears.

651169 Binatone iHome2 android iDect PhonAn Android DECT Phone

Published in Phones by mfereday on Nov 1, 2011
The Android influence continues to grow as Google’s operating system appears on DECT handsets.

650724 Samsung GT S5260 Star II Mobile phonSamsung Star II

Published in Phones by mfereday on Oct 25, 2011
The first Samsung mobile handset I reviewed was a clamshell unit that could automatically open and close itself at the press of a button. It also came with two battery packs. Neither of these features can be found with this next Samsung handset.

650491 doro phoneeasy 615 gsDoro Camera Phone

Published in Phones by mfereday on Oct 11, 2011
Continuing its policy of developing mobile phones for a certain age group, this new Doro handset now has a camera feature.

650490 Doro Phone Easy 409gsDoro PhoneEasy 409gsm

Published in Phones by mfereday on Oct 8, 2011
If you are looking for a mobile phone that puts the emphasis on ease-of-use with large keys then Doro could provide the solution.

650846 htc desire s Android smart phonHTC Meets Most Desires

Published in Phones by adrianmorant on Oct 1, 2011
The Desire S is a recent addition to the range of Android phones from HTC and, as a result, has benefitted from the company’s experience. It is of a nice size and feels right in the hand and, having a fast enough processor and 1G of memory will meet the needs of the great majority of smart phone users. With built-in GPS, FM radio and torch it is also aimed at being the Swiss Army knife of smart phones.

649166 Binatone iDECT L1i DECT PhonA Pair of Handsets

Published in Phones by mfereday on Sep 27, 2011
After a gap of several years, I was re-introduced to Binatone and its range of telephonic and IT devices which include the subject of this next review.

649215 blackberry bold 990 smart phonBlackBerry Bold 9900

Published in Phones by paul_smart on Sep 14, 2011
This is one of five new BlackBerrys recently launched. It looks similar to a lot of current offerings from them but it has a faster processor so your email, Internet and messaging can be moved from one place to another even faster.

646227 Jabra Freeway Bluetooth speaker phonCommunicating with Freeway

Published in Phones by mfereday on Jul 19, 2011
A popular American television series, appearing several years ago, was entitled Hart to Hart and featured a husband and wife crime fighting duo. I mention this because the couple had a dog named Freeway which is also the name of a new device from Jabra. This Jabra Freeway is a Bluetooth speakerphone device for use in the car for hands-free operation. As an additional bonus, the Freeway has some entertainment based features.

641653 doro phoneeasy 100W DECT phonDoro DECT Phones

Published in Phones by paul_smart on Apr 17, 2011
Two of the latest offerings from Doro who make both mobile and home phones for those who difficuty in using a conventional phone for whatever reason, bigger buttons, brighter displays and louder rings are some of their features.

637011 Binatone iHome Phone iDect Google AndroiiDect iHome from Binatone

Published in Phones by paul_smart on Mar 25, 2011
This is much more than just a phone, like all decent recent phones it’s cordless and DECT however it can connect to any Wireless network and using its Touchscreen you have a unit capable of Internet browsing or playing Internet radio.

637009 Amplicom Powertel M4000 GSM Mobile PhonA LOUD Mobile Phone

Published in Phones by paul_smart on Mar 14, 2011
Amplicon are better known for improving peoples hearing with devices and aids. Here they offer help from the other end by making a mobile phone with a high ringer volume and increased sound volume for the phones user.

635060 samsung p1000 tablet computeSamsung Galaxy Tab

Published in Phones by paul_smart on Mar 9, 2011
Not quite an iPad but still a lovely piece of kit. The screen is that much smaller but of course it will fit in a larger pocket that – unless it’s a poacher’s one – the iPad will not, it is however an office on the move as even without wireless you still have mobile.

632410 sony ericsson w20i zylo walkman phonMeet the Zylo

Published in Phones by mfereday on Feb 17, 2011
As well as some imaginative colour naming, Sony Ericsson sometimes takes the same approach when naming its devices. One example is the Zylo.

631155 sony ericsson elm green mobile phonA GreenHeart Handset

Published in Phones by mfereday on Feb 15, 2011
Adding an ecology slant to the familiar mobile phone feature set, Sony Ericsson offers a green product.

628297 doro wt87 walkie talkieDoro MemoryPlus 309dp and WT87

Published in Phones by paul_smart on Dec 19, 2010
As the whole country’s population continues to age tools like these allow older members of the community to still lead an independent life. First a phone whose one number dialling is dependant on a picture. The second is a walkie talkie set that can work over several miles.

625108 Doro RingPlus phone bell light sound amplifieDoro Devices

Published in Phones by paul_smart on Nov 15, 2010
Doro have a range of static and mobile phone offerings, they also have devices aimed at the less mobile and visually and audibly impaired. Here two devices for people who are hard or hearing or maybe even the totally deaf.

622335 doro 750x dect handseA Handyman Phone

Published in Phones by mfereday on Nov 9, 2010
While perhaps not the first item you would think you might find in a handyman's tool kit, a DECT phone could prove to be a useful addition.