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Published in PDA's by paul_smart on May 28, 2004
In this case a utility is certainly a gadget as without it all my information would not be able to be read on a PDA. A small task perhaps but vital so this utility is a gadget to move my vital information.

Palm Zire 21

Published in PDA's by paul_smart on May 5, 2004
A handheld unit for considerably less than the psychological £100 price barrier puts this unit almost into the impulse buy sector. Is it a true handheld or simply a toy?

Sony Clie TH55

Published in PDA's by digital-evangelist on Apr 10, 2004
My move over to the Palm platform with Sony's Clie TH55. First Impressions after one week out of the box

Palm Tungsten T3

Published in PDA's by paul_smart on Mar 30, 2004
A new departure for a handheld device the ability to work landscape as well as portrait, this more powerful machine looks the part and I am sure will be every yuppies desire, that is if there are still such people.

PalmOne Tungsten E PDA

Published in PDA's by paul_smart on Mar 15, 2004
Whatever flavour of PDA you use it is probably very different from a year or so ago. Certainly the Tungsten E has a lot more to offer at a greatly reduced price than when I got my 5X.
The New XDA II - Is it worth upgrading? Is it that different or simply polishing the original? Tom Ball writes about why for a certain group of people, the time has come.

Belkin Wireless PDA Keyboard

Published in PDA's by David_Wilkes on Jan 13, 2004
Bought myself a Belkin Wireless PDA Keyboard which has already proved usefull in 2 meetings. It is compatible with HP iPAQ, Toshiba, Dell, Palm, Sony and my Viewsonic. After the initial problems of working it out I've been pleased with it. It also looks cool when you turn up to a meeting and you really can take minutes of a meeting on your PDA.

HP iPAQ Pocket PC h5500

Published in PDA's by paul_smart on Nov 6, 2003
Most will know this is one huge plus for HP that came out of the merger with Compaq. Although I have used several Pocket PC’s I have never before used an iPAQ.