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Posted Nov 2, 2003
At 16:17
IMAX experience
Went to see Matrix Reloaded at a local IMAX theatre.

All i can say is WOW film and WOW movie experience.

Bring on Matrix Revolution! :)
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Posted Nov 6, 2003
At 17:42
Jukebox?(Reply 3)

Don't know - but I rather like the jukebox on offer for inviting friends. hmmmmm - need to dig up some friends. Sure I had some once - hehe

Posted Nov 7, 2003
At 7:46
Pocket DV2(Reply 5)

They can be expensive. The one TalkGadgets had as a prize was the "Pocket DV2 Camcorder", which FireBox now seem to have for 49. I haven't seen one for real but I don't think it's trying to compete with the full blown digital camcorders. Looks more like a digital camera that can take MPEG movies (I've got a Fuji FinePix that can do that).

Would be great for emailing pictures and short movies to your family though

I'm tempted to get one at that price if only for toy. Maybe the person that did win the TalkGadgets one could write a quick review? Would love to know if it's as good as it sounds!

Posted Nov 7, 2003
At 10:47
Pocket DV2(Reply 6)

You can pick up some decent Digital cameras for around 400.

Checkout this article from one of our members, here>>> looks like a very good value for money camera.
Posted Nov 7, 2003
At 20:02
Invite and win!(Reply 8)

if you invite some people you know, to join, you could win the MP3 player?

check the invite button once you have logged in :)
Posted Nov 11, 2003
At 13:27
IMAX experience(Reply 10)

Posted Nov 11, 2003
At 19:01
Re: IMAX experience(Reply 11)

You need to work on those smilies Donato - you're being outclassed - hehe

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