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Posted Jan 3, 2004
At 11:17
New Apple iPod
word has it that there will be a new iPod released the end of  this month.

who wants one?
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Posted Jan 6, 2004
At 20:41
New iPod announced(Reply 3)

check the details on the rumours about the mini iPod here>>>

the prices seem very low at sub $100!
Posted Jan 6, 2004
At 21:27
New iPod announced(Reply 4)

and here is the official iPod mini on Apples site! :-))

It's a whole new Mini adventure ;-)
Posted Jan 7, 2004
At 14:12
New IPOD(Reply 5)

I have just read that the mini iPOD will be out in the UK in April - 4GB and around 129....smaller in size than the current offering but wouldn't really consider this value compared to the prices of 20gb and 40gb models which, lets be honest, are hardly massive!

Also the 10gb model is being dropped in favour of the 15gb model which will be the same price as the 10 - around 249. Guess prices of the big brother ipods will come down when the mini is launched but that's progress for you - you pays your money and takes your choice, by the time the mini-ipod is out another will be available smaller and with more power...pretty soon there will not be enough music to fit onto an mp3 player it's madness i tell you...


Posted Jan 27, 2004
At 10:49
New IPOD(Reply 6)

anyone got one yet?
Posted Jan 21, 2010
At 9:07
New Apple iPod(Reply 7)

i like ipod is a very nice and helpful ipod......

great information, thanks for sharing it.

Posted Jan 21, 2010
At 9:08
New Apple iPod(Reply 8)

i like ipod is a very nice and helpful ipod......

great information, thanks for sharing it.

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