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undefined rated 9 out of 10PIXMA MG7550

Canon has refreshed its inkjet product line up with various models including the subject of this next review.

undefined rated 8 out of 10Canon MG7150

This is a All In One unit from Canon, so it can print, scan, and copy. It is a six ink unit and this means that if you use one colour more than the others there is less waste as you can buy just the ink you need. It is also rather sleek.

undefined rated 7 out of 10A Garmin Activity Tracker

836455 garmin vivofi
Review : Garmin vivofit
When I hear the name of Garmin, my thoughts are generally directed towards satellite navigation and Global Positioning Systems (GPS). However this is not the company’s only sphere of interest. Garmin also has its sights set on our personal health with products such as the recently launched vivofitfitness band.

undefined rated 8 out of 10Rescuing Your Twin

836619 avanquest small town terror
Described as a dark and mysterious Hidden Object Adventure game, Small Town Terrors: Pilgrim’s Hook sets you the task of saving your twin brother from the evil presence that has invaded the community of Pilgrim’s Hook.

undefined rated 8 out of 10Hyperx Cloud Gaming Headset

836518 HyperX Cloud Gaming Headse
For a gamer hearing a sound a fraction of a second earlier can be a matter of life and death. So the quality of the headset is almost as important as the speed of the processor and the graphics card that show what they are doing on the screen.

undefined rated 8 out of 10A Colour Laser

836457 Samsung Xpress C1810W Colour Laser Printe
Samsung continues to develop products that have a tendency to put a strain on my back. Continuing this trend is a colour laser printer.

undefined rated 7 out of 10Braun Water Flex

836515 Braun WF2S Blue WaterFlex Wet and Dry shave
The Braun WF2S Blue WaterFlex is both a wet and dry razor, it is equally useable in the bath, shower or at a basin using foam, gel or just soap. However it can also give a dry shave just as easily. So the above are the claims does my extensive testing agree?

undefined rated 6 out of 10KAI˛ Capsule Speaker

836517 XMI X mini KAI Bluetooth Capsule Speake
This is a tiny portable Bluetooth speaker. Like an egg without the ends, however twist the centre and then the egg shape expands. So can this be an answer to sharing music in a small space without having to have large speakers?

undefined rated 5 out of 10Designing Crazy Machines

836454 Crazy Machines Golden Gear
Using an assortment of bits and pieces, you are challenged to create some weird and wonderful machines with this next title.

undefined rated 8 out of 10Krups Espresso Fully Automatic EA850B40

836513 Krups Espresso Fully Automatic EA850B4
Here it is the long awaited coffee machine and what a machine it is. While I have reviewed numerous machines before this is the first that uses fresh roasted beans, not ground coffee, unground beans freshly ground in the machine for each cup.

undefined rated 9 out of 10A Waterproof eReader

836456 kobo aura h20 ebook reade
Review : Kobo Aura H20
No doubt you are familiar with “Singing in the Rain” whether in its original Gene Kelly version of the Morecambe & Wise comedy routine. Now it could be said that we have “Reading in the Rain” with a new product from Kobo.

undefined rated 7 out of 10An Abandoned Vessel

836240 avanquest left in the dar
It is time to pack your bags and take a trip to Portsmouth where the Mayor has an abandoned ship cluttering up the place.

undefined rated 6 out of 10Withings Pulse O2

836514 Withings Pulse O
This arrived just as I injured my ankle so it was not taken from its box for over a month. To say this is a pedometer is a disservice to this multi-use product, however that is the starting point, link it to free Withings Apps and go from there.

undefined rated 9 out of 10Paint Shop Pro X7

836237 paintshop pro x7 pro ultimat
As I get older, time seems to pass by at a quicker rate. This thought occurred to me with the arrival of Paint Shop Pro X7. It hardly seemed like a year had passed since I had unwrapped and reviewed Paint Shop Pro X6 and now the all new version of the Corel package was occupying space on my desktop. Actually when I took the trouble to check on the dates, rather than rely on my flaky memory, this revealed that the gap between the two products was less than 11 months so maybe my view on time passing quicker was somewhat distorted.

undefined rated 8 out of 10Freecom's mini SSD backups

836544 freecom mssd driv
The Freecom Mini Solid State Drive, mSSD, is a small and physically robust portable USB 3.0 device that will meet the needs of the road warrior who needs to have a safe, fast and convenient lightweight backup drive with him at all times.

undefined rated 8 out of 10Grundig Fridge Freezer GKN16820W

836512 GRUNDIG GKN16820W Fridge Freeze
Here is one of my occasional forays into large kitchen items. This time an offering from Dixons a Grundig Fridge Freezer. This is quite large so should certainly suit a family as far as the fridge is concerned; it’s what is called 60/40.

undefined rated 8 out of 10Corel Painter 15

836511 corel painter 201
A product I have reviewed a couple of times in the past. The ‘15’ in this case refers to 2015 and not to the version number. So for anyone owning an earlier version what does this version have to offer that earlier versions did not?

undefined rated 8 out of 1032-inch SMART Television

836238 Samsung UE32H6200 32  inch LCD 1080 pixels 200 Hz 3D T
As one of its smallest models, the Samsung 32-inch television is the subject of this next review.

undefined rated 7 out of 10Acer W4 Windows Tablet

836510 Acer Iconia W4 820
I have reviewed quite a lot of Android Tablets this looks similar but is a Windows Tablet. This means that all your Windows programs will be able to run. It has an SSD and will accept OTG or USB sticks up to 64GB as well.

undefined rated 7 out of 10Easing Aches and Pains

836239 Homedics Circulation Devic
A visit to a location known as The Ice Tank introduced me to a product designs to reduce aches and pains.