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undefined rated 9 out of 10Trek A26 portable speaker

The TREK A26 wireless portable speaker is a robust unit having Bluetooth and NFC connectivity that has been designed to withstand the elements and so should be able to survive the weather at a music festival.

undefined rated 8 out of 10Oregon Projection Clock Plus

A decent sized clock powered by micro USB lead, it has other features that anyone familiar with Oregon Scientific will know, it tells you the temperature both inside and out and just for good measure a display projection feature.

undefined rated 8 out of 10Sennheiser Urbanite XL

Sennheiser is one of the few affordable brands sold in top end shops whose diet normally consists of brands costing a great deal more. However do not think of Sennheiser as a cheap brand as they are not and the quality is good.

undefined rated 9 out of 10A Collection of Dark Mysteries

Dark Mysteries is another offering from Avanquest’s GSP 4-Play series. The four titles making up this collection are The Beast of Lycan Isle, The Soul Keeper, The Sleeping Palace and Ghost Painting. All four titles belong to the Hidden Object Adventure genre. As usual with the various 4-Play collections, each of the titles has to be installed separately from the same front end menu of offerings.

undefined rated 8 out of 10ASUS Notebook TP300LA

This is a Windows 8.1 notebook but it has an ability that most notebooks do not have, the screen can flip through 360degrees so not only is it a notebook but also a Tablet and because it’s a Tablet then it also has touchscreen ability.

undefined rated 6 out of 10Direct Charging

837635 PNY PowerPack DCM2200 Rechargeable Battery Micro l
Review : PNY DCM2200
Battery power from the pocket is the aim of this next product from PNY.

undefined rated 8 out of 10Sumos Can Jump!

837446 Parrot Jumping Sumo Wi Fi Controlled Insectoid Robo
Continuing the MiniDrones are coming theme, this next product has more of a tank feel as it travels around and over obstacles.

undefined rated 8 out of 10Canon EOS 100D

838309 canon eos 100d dslr digital camer
Perhaps a strange time of year to be sent a DSLR unit with a 55-250mm lens as this requires either very large rooms or outside use to get the best from it, however so far the weather has been kind and my short time with it was productive.

undefined rated 8 out of 10Second Generation Moto X

837449 motorola moto x 2nd generatio
As with the Moto G, reviewed earlier, the Moto X is now available as a second generation product. Motorola has taken this opportunity to make a number of changes to enhance the appeal of the company’s top of the range product.

undefined rated 9 out of 10Fujitsu ScanSnap iX100 Scanner

838307 Fujitsu ScanSnap iX100 Scanne
I admit that the main reason I accepted this evening invitation was to see the view from the top of The Shard, sadly the 34th floor was the highest we got but this amazing portable scanner made up for the disappointment initially felt.

Last Minute Gifts

838308 mug speake
Here I am looking at two items that all arrived rather late from various sources, so in order to get them to your attention in time for Christmas I cover them together in one review. They are a Wireless Speaker in the shape of a mug and a Gentleman’s Shaving Set, neither is expensive.

undefined rated 6 out of 10Match-3 in Space

837448 avanquest jewel link galaxy ques
Take a journey into space in one of two roles as you tackle Match-3 levels.

undefined rated 8 out of 10Bosch Cordless Athlet

838305 BOSCH Athlet upright lightweight vacuu
Happily you not need to be an Athlete to use this rather nice cordless vacuum otherwise that would certainly have ruled me out. In fact from setting it up to first use was less than a couple of minutes, no screws it just clips together.

undefined rated 8 out of 10A Label Printer

837447 Brother Printer PTP750W Wireless Label Make
While the majority of printers, whether of the laser 0r inkjet persuasion, can produce a range of documents, there is one particular skill at which they do not excel. The skill in question involves the creation of stick-on labels. Based on the concept of horses for courses, the solution would be to use a device that was specifically designed for the creation of labels that can easily be attached to where ever they would be most beneficial. One such product is the P750W designed by Brother.

undefined rated 8 out of 10A Rolling Spider

837359 Minidrone Rolling Spider Parrot Gadget To
The MiniDrones are coming. Leading the aerial force is the subject of this next review.

undefined rated 7 out of 10Soleus Go Fitness Band

837853 Soleus Go Fitness Band Activity Tracke
Wrist bands seem very popular here is one that has many functions, it can be a watch, an exercise monitor, a pedometer, it has a sleep tracker and with the aid of either an iOS or Android App this information can all be stored.

undefined rated 8 out of 10ViewSonic PLED-W800 Projector

838106 Viewsonic PLED W800 WXGA DLP Ultra Portable Projecto
Almost exactly 3 years ago one of the most exciting pieces of kit I had seen for some time crossed my desk. It was the ViewSonic PLED–W500, a tiny but surprisingly bright projector that used cool-running LEDs for illumination instead of a hot lamp. Designed primarily for business presentations, its XVGA resolution and extended color gamut made it perfectly suitable for movies. Unfortunately, it soon disappeared from the market. But the good news is that it's back again, reborn as the PLED-W800. And it's better and brighter than ever.

undefined rated 9 out of 10Bitdefender 2015

837356 BitDefender Total Security 201
Like other important events such as Christmas, birthdays and the like, new versions of anti-virus and Internet security products appear, like clockwork, on an annual basis.

undefined rated 8 out of 10Doro PhoneEasy 624

837850 Doro Phone Easy 624 Mobile Telephon
Doro phones have always been easy to use and had features designed to help those with limited sight and or hearing. Now here a unit that looks more like those available to those people without such disabilities to worry about.

undefined rated 8 out of 10Kaspersky Internet Security

837854 Kaspersky Internet Security 201
As the year draws to close many software companies make sure that 2015 versions of their software are on the dealer’s shelves. Internet Security is one such product, with virus writers now getting more destructive so must our guardians be more vigilant.