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undefined rated 8 out of 10Free Android Business Suite

It is rare that I review something that is ‘Free’ in its early days I reviewed Skype when it was more or less the first of its kind. So why am I reviewing a free Android Business Suite, for one reason only, it claims 100% Microsoft Office compatibility.

undefined rated 6 out of 10A Groovy Speaker

Rather than Bluetooth connectivity, this next speaker uses touch as its means of receiving a signal.

undefined rated 8 out of 10Brother Mono Laser Print and Scan DCP-1610W

This is a small A4 printer with a scanner lid on top, so small you think it’s only a printer but it’s a true All In One as it scans in colour and prints and copy in mono. This laser surely has a place in any small office if only for its diminutive size.

undefined rated 7 out of 10Drawing with Wacom

839910 Wacom Intuos Pen Graphics Table
Whenever the subject of graphics tablets comes up, the first name that springs to my mind is that of Wacom, the company behind products such as the Pen & Touch offering which is the focus of this next review.

undefined rated 6 out of 10Collecting Aztec Treasure

839905 avanquest Aztec Ventur
With over 100 levels, this next game is aimed at fans of the Match-3 genre.

undefined rated 8 out of 10D-Link Wi-Fi Everywhere

839847 D Link DCH M225 Wi Fi Audio Extende
This unit is the size of a 13amp three way adapter. It does have a 13amp plug but few things can be plugged into it. The main task is as a Wi-Fi extender it can also be used to play music via its one connection a 3.5mm socket.

undefined rated 8 out of 10Professional Label Printer

839906 Brother Printer PTD600VP PC Connectible Label Make
Review : Brother PT D600
Adding to its range of label printers, Brother has released its P-Touch D600VP model.

undefined rated 8 out of 10HP OfficeJet Pro 6830e All In One

839845 HP 6830 Officejet Pro e All in One Printe
This is actually a multi-function device as not only does it print, scan, copy but it also has fax. HP call it an All In One so that is why I must also. The OfficeJet series are designed for office use but assuming the slate grey colour passes the lounge police…

Two Multi Use Devices

839844 TP LINK TL PB10400 10400 mAh Portable Power Bank External Battery Charge
First a device from TP-Link that can charge two items at once and just for good measure is also a torch. Second a device called a Stylus Pen which amazingly has no less than six abilities, yes the size of a pen but with six different uses.

undefined rated 9 out of 10Multiway laptop bag from Crosskase

839868 Crosskase Eighty 6 laptop ba
The Crosskase Eighty 6 laptop bag is suitable for laptops of up to 17.3 inches and should meet the needs of the busy commuter who can use it as a backpack, a messenger bag or a tote bag.

undefined rated 8 out of 10Becoming a Superhero

839904 Supreme League of Patriots Season Pas
Welcome to the world according to Kyle Keever and his sidekick Mel. Be prepared for a modern day adventure in New York City.

undefined rated 8 out of 10Lindy Mini Headphone Amp and Splitter

839843 839457 LINDY Mini Headphone Amp and Splitter
This is a tiny device that has two jobs, first to amplify the signal from your MP3 or other audio device and second to allow the signal to be shared so no longer will you need to see one earpiece in one ear and the other in another person’s ear.

undefined rated 6 out of 10Prisma Encore Speaker System

839813 Edifier E3360BT BLACK Home Audio Speake
Edifier has recently added to its range of Bluetooth aware speaker products with another 2:1 system.

undefined rated 6 out of 10Millionaire Manor

839809 avanquest Millionaire Mano
Captured failed game contestants, twelve styles of hidden object game play and a television game show can all be found in Millionaire Manor.

undefined rated 8 out of 10NAIM MU-SO

839842 Naim mu so Digital Wireless Bluetooth Music System with Apple AirPla
As most will know Naim produce quality high end audio products so a unit cost less than four figures is for Naim near entry level. This is a quality six speaker system in a single case however it is not a completely dumb unit.

undefined rated 9 out of 10Bottles Instead of Cartridges

839811 Epson EcoTank L355 Multifunction Inkjet Printe
Epson has thrown down a challenge to other inkjet printer manufacturers with its introduction of “bottles instead of cartridges” initiative.

undefined rated 8 out of 10HP EliteBook Folio 1040 G1

839841 HP Elitebook Folio 1040 G1 compute
A rather nice business notebook with a range of security features from both Intel and HP. The items not immediately available on this unit are available via a dock, so you not end up taking extra weight out and about with you.

undefined rated 7 out of 10Pioneer Free Me

839839 Pioneer XW LF1 K Bluetooth Activ
The last item I reviewed from Pioneer was an excellent sound bar, here something much smaller in fact it is designed to give sound without wires and is something you may use when away from home or your office it’s called Free Me.

undefined rated 6 out of 10Fantasy Mosaics 6

839808 Fantasy Mosaics 6   Into the Unknow
Whether referred to as Griddlers, nonograms or Hanjie, there is one type of puzzle game which I found hard to resist. You could almost say it was a kind of addiction as I can find myself attempting to solve just one more of these puzzles when I should be getting on with something entirely different. This is yet another case as I struggle to break away from playing to write this review.

undefined rated 7 out of 10His Multi-View Portable Docking Station

839840 HIS Multi View USB
A rather unusual piece of kit that can be used to solve problems that you thought were not resolvable. In effect this plugs into a USB3 port to give you HDMI, VGA and Ethernet connections and increase the range of your PC/Notebook.