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869456 mu duo ush adaptoMu Duo & Wraps

Published in Misc by paul_smart on 12 Sep 2016
First a three pin plug that folds into something very small and has two 2.1A outputs on its back. Second a set of earbuds but far from being standard the excess cable wraps around the wrist available in a variety of colours and three different styles.

869532 Philips Disney Finding Nemo bedside lamA Light Projector

Published in Misc by mfereday on 10 Sep 2016
Providing comfort prior to sleep and a light show for entertainment is the next product.

869448 besiter eclipse The Eclipse 3

Published in Misc by mfereday on 1 Sep 2016
When it comes to keeping mobile devices, the choice of options is wide and includes the subject of this review.

869298 tile bluetooth trackeTracking Down Property

Published in Misc by mfereday on 23 Aug 2016
Now where are my car keys? I am sure I left them in a certain place but they are nowhere to be seen!

869301 mu duo ush adaptoA Folding Plug

Published in Misc by mfereday on 18 Aug 2016
Standard power plugs can tend to be a little on the bulky side which made Min-Kyo Choi stop and think.

869139 Garmin DriveAssist 50 Satellite NavigatioGarmin Driving Assistance

Published in Misc by mfereday on 4 Aug 2016
When taking a drive you can call on assistance from Garmin with products such as its Drive Assist 50 product.

869137 Skullcandy WTAP Grind On Ear Wireless HeadseA Bluetooth Headset

Published in Misc by mfereday on 30 Jul 2016
Offering to provide untethered access to your favourite music is a headset from SkullCandy.

869074 Sandberg Excellence PowerBank 300PowerBank 3000

Published in Misc by mfereday on 28 Jul 2016
Adding to the range of portable battery chargers currently available is this product from Sandberg

869077 NETGEAR XS708T 100NES ProSAFE Gigabit Ethernet SwitcA Business Router

Published in Misc by mfereday on 26 Jul 2016
Adding to its range of Smart Managed Switches, NETGEAR has released this next product.

869003 Buffalo 520 2 Bay 2 TB Network Attached StoragDual Buffalo NAS

Published in Misc by mfereday on 21 Jul 2016
One way to increase storage capacity and access functionality is to add a NAS to your computer system.

868922 Toshiba Canvio Basics USB Portable Disk Space

Published in Misc by mfereday on 16 Jul 2016
Adding to its range of storage devices, Toshiba has produced the Canvio Premium portable hard drives.

868921 Sennheiser SP 20 ML High End Speaker PhonSennheiser Speakerphone

Published in Misc by mfereday on 14 Jul 2016
For a change this next product from Sennheiser is not a set of headphones.

868830 iStorage IS FL DA3 256 8 datAshur Pro encrypted USB 3 Flash DrivdatAshur Pro

Published in Misc by paul_smart on 11 Jul 2016
Perhaps one of the most unsecure methods of transporting data around – apart from a paper copy - is a memory stick so file encryption can help here however another method that allows internal file encryption and also encryption on the device before you can even see the files.

868750 NETGEAR RN21200 100NES ReadyNAS 21CLOUD Ready NAS

Published in Misc by mfereday on 5 Jul 2016
The question that needs to be answered first is whether this next review concerns hardware or software. In fact, as will quickly become clear, the review starts off by covering the hardware before moving on to the software element of this NETGEAR offering.

868652 Vitae London WalmaVitae London Watch

Published in Misc by paul_smart on 4 Jul 2016
You don’t see an Analogue watch for ages and like buses three come at almost the same time. This however is a rather nice looking conventional watch that has a stainless steel back and the strap is made of a material that looks like rose gold, very smart.

868637 Leef Bridge 32GB Micro and Full Size USB Connectoleef iBridge and Reichelt

Published in Misc by paul_smart on 3 Jul 2016
First mobile memory made for ‘i’ devices, now available in sizes up to 256GB. Second a website based in Germany that claims – according to the press release sent to me – to sell products up to 20% cheaper than other websites

868751 VQ Retro Mini DAB Digital RadiRetro Style DAB

Published in Misc by mfereday on 2 Jul 2016
A few years ago DAB radio was promoted as being the next big thing. That has yet to happen although new DAB products continue to appear.

868654 TP LINK TL PB5200 Portable USB Power External BatterPower Bank 5200

Published in Misc by mfereday on 23 June 2016
I honestly meant to phone you to explain that I would be late but my phone battery was dead.

868495 Toshiba X300 8TB hard drivToshiba Storage

Published in Misc by mfereday on 18 June 2016
As one of the new iconic meeting places in London, the Shard was the location for a recent Toshiba briefing.

868476 Wistiki 3760077120281 GPS Tracking Device by Starck VoilVoila by Philippe Stark

Published in Misc by paul_smart on 10 June 2016
I am sure we have all misplaced our keys, I know the last time I did it cost £160 for a replacement lock and yes you’ve guessed it they were then located. Here something that may help in the more mundane task of finding them around the home or maybe even further away.

868601 Buffalo LS510D0301 EU LinkStation 51LinkStation LS510

Published in Misc by mfereday on 9 June 2016
As our personal storage needs increase, we need to look for a solution to offer easily accessible storage capacity. A NAS box could be the answer.

868494 shark proof LCD screen protectoBubble-free Protection

Published in Misc by mfereday on 4 June 2016
I’m for ever blowing bubbles could be the theme song when I am applying a screen protector.

868222 Nextbase 312GW Full 1080p HD In Car Dash CaEvidence of Accidents

Published in Misc by mfereday on 21 May 2016
According to recent research, 29 of the UK’s major insurers will now accept evidence from in-car cameras as part of an insurance claim. Some insurers, such as Swiftcover, even offer a discount on motor insurance premiums if you are using a recognised in-car dash camera.

868105 Logitech G610 Orion Brown Backlit Mechanical Gaming KeyboarLogitech G610 Orion Red

Published in Misc by mfereday on 12 May 2016
Whether playing to win or just for enjoyment, you need the appropriate tools in order to succeed in the competitive gaming arena.

868043 bullguarBullGuard Research

Published in Misc by mfereday on 10 May 2016
While many users have an anti-virus contract in place, they sometimes fail to protect their data in other ways.

867762 anywhere siAnywhere SIM

Published in Misc by paul_smart on 1 May 2016
I am sure we all know either first or second hand ‘hello, hello, hello then a range of expletives’ whichever phone company you use they all have ‘not spots’ so the Anywhere SIM allows you to make you call across three different major providers.

867834 amazon kindle oasiBuying from America

Published in Misc by mfereday on 23 Apr 2016
Offering to be your personal private shopper, your Big Apple Buddy claims to get the tech items you want.

867634 Lowepro DroneGuard BP 450 Backpack for Quadcopter DronDroneGuard BP 450AW

Published in Misc by paul_smart on 17 Apr 2016
Admittedly the box it came in was for two of them but even the plastic bag that this single backpack was packed was large, my first job was to put it on my kitchen scales, empty it weighs 2.81kilos. Next let’s see what items it can hold.

867366 lowepro streetline bp250 backpacLowepro StreetLine BP 250

Published in Misc by paul_smart on 4 Apr 2016
I do not get to see many quality backpacks and here is the second this year. This one is perhaps a little more normal than the recently reviewed item that for me would be the sort of item that might be used by the James Bond character.

867636 EMTEC T500 32GB iCobra USB/Lightning

Published in Misc by paul_smart on 3 Apr 2016
This is a slightly oversized 32GB USB stick large enough to be useful even for the largest videos. This however can also connect to those iOS devices so a good way to transfer files between the two operating systems without much hassle.