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Binatone KidzStar

Binatone KidzStar

Children tend to imitate their parents or other adults – not just in their behaviour but also with the type of gadgets they feel they can not live without. Television, mobile phone and computer are just some of the items that feature in “Can I have?” demanding requests. To that list you could easily add the current best-selling gadget, namely a tablet. Binatone has recently developed such a device aimed specifically at the pre-teen generation.

The Binatone KidzStar tablet, with its 7-inch capacitive touch colour screen is protected from being dropped accidentally.  Binatone has encased the unit in a removable, sturdy, rubber, protective bumper.  This bumper is a bright orange colour and certainly marks this product as a child-centric offering.  Blue and pink replacement bumpers are available as part of an optional accessory pack that also contains headphones and an in-car charger.