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iLuv Mobi Out & PNY PowerPack

iLuv Mobi Out and PNY PowerPack 2600mAh

The first is a rather nice shower proof Bluetooth speaker set at a not outrageous price. The second is a method of saving your USB device be it phone or tablet from having a flat battery when you are away from power.

Any Bluetooth speaker unit that can play for 18hours and 11minutes between charges is certainly worth a second look. It is small and easy to walk around, it does have the ability to play via a 3.5mm lead, but the main focus of this unit is as a Bluetooth device. It is 17.5x6.5x5cm. My unit was black and as there are no open paws and everything being rubberised their claim of it being splash resistant or even showerproof should be true.