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Started by
Posted 1 Oct 2003
At 17:57
Bluetooth earpieces

How useful do you find them?

Since i got mine, i don't know how i lived without one for all the travelling that i do.

Mind you, apart from looking like a Cyborg, if people don't see the earpiece, they do wonder who you are talking too! :)

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Posted 1 Oct 2003
At 18:58
Is it safe?(Reply 1)

But is it safe having all that technology so close to your head all the time?




Posted 2 Oct 2003
At 22:30
probably not safe(Reply 2)

but then again, how much damage are mobile phones causing when held close to the head?

Posted 10 Nov 2007
At 15:33 3)

The bottom line is that there needs to be a long term study  to conclusively know whether there is a true cause and effect between cancer and radiation emitted from cell phones, until then, it will be an ongoing debate. My guess is that some scientists already have a good idea  that it does.  We should never forget the tobacco and cancer argument that raged on for years with the executives of tobacco companies defending and proclaiming the use of cigarettes as safe right up until the end when there was overwhelming evidence to suggest the contrary. The economy driven by the might dollar can always distort the real message, we all have to take precautions in a what if scenario, for me it's to NOT use the Bluetooth earpieces, but to use the integrated hands free car kits for in car cell phone use. One needs to remember that EMF (radiation) dissipates over a short distance, so in other words, when the cell phone or a Bluetooth device is being used pressed up against your head, you are getting radiation, when it is pulled away just a foot away, it's almost nothing. I hope this helps some people understand that this is what we are dealing with. It would be a shame if 10 years from now, we finally discover there is indeed a cancer cause and effect with the use of cell phone devices and Bluetooth ear piece devices.

Posted 3 May 2012
At 7:46
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