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Posted 18 Aug 2003
At 10:38
A fantastic body on 3 episodes of Coronation Street a week

I was totally stunned at the array of new machines at the recently opened University of Hertfordshire sports village in Hatfield.  Now I have finally found a way to watch Coronation Street and get fit. 

Maybe I've just not been going to the right places, but I was quite bowled over by running and cycling machines that have their own individual flatscreen televisions. 

Of course what I should find more exciting is the fitness technology.  Every person has their own fitness programme recorded on a key.  You put the key into each fitness machine in the gym and it automatically knows how hard you need to work this week - and keeps a tally on what you've done.  At the end of the session you have a record of your workout and the key knows what you need to do next time.  Or at least that's how I understand it.

Has anyone else been exposed to these hi-tech fitness regimes.  And can it get me any fitter than my extremely good Personal Trainer who has turned me from couch potato to athlete in a mere 6 months. 

Somehow I think I am still going to enjoy the trees and the birds and human company on my weekly runs to the life of an automatron!

Let me know your thoughts.


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Posted 18 Aug 2003
At 12:20
3 episodes of Corrie(Reply 2)

that is some serious training!

Posted 31 Aug 2003
At 9:23
Fitness Tracking(Reply 1)

I've come across this technology to a lesser extent. It's ok for tracking what you did versus what you should be aiming at. I'm not sure if its any better than recording it on the form with the personal trainer. But if its a gadget to 'get you there' then I suppose it has merit.

What I'm looking for is a gadget that plans my routine so I can get to the gym on a regular basis, and gives a motivation boost about 3 hours beforehand..

Anyone seen one of these?



Posted 11 Jul 2017
At 10:16
Re: Fitness Tracking(Reply 3)

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