The Hope DiamondBig Fish Games Hidden Expedition: Smithsonian Hope Diamond rated 7 out of 10

With an organisation known as H.E.L.P., you are set the task of solving the case of the Hope Diamond in a Hidden Object Adventure game.

Motorola Moto EMotorola Moto E rated 9 out of 10

Oct 1, 2014 in Phones
The latest entry level phone offering from the company that first brought you a SmartPhone at a price that broke through the glass ceiling. Here is a smart phone that has corners cut to produce something acceptable at a lower price.

Flash FuryKingston HyperX FURY rated 9 out of 10

Sep 30, 2014 in Misc Review : Kingston HyperX FURY
Our data is often personal and we like to keep it with us when out and about. This next product offers to help in this respect.

Memory upgrade made easyMemory upgrade made easy rated 8 out of 10

Sep 29, 2014 in Laptops/PCs/Apple
Power users will often find that increasing the amount of RAM over and above the “basic” amount that is generally installed in a PC will produce a worthwhile increase in performance as the performance of serious gaming or video type applications is frequently tied to the amount of available memory. Using the Memory Search on the Kingston Technology website enables one to identify what RAM is required for a particular machine and provides guidance in carrying out the upgrade so that the user can tackle the job with confidence.

Viewsonic 23inch PanelViewsonic 23inch Panel rated 9 out of 10

Sep 29, 2014 in Laptops/PCs/Apple
Having just packed up a 23inch panel and then unpacked this and put it in the same place I am amazed how much smaller this unit is. So size is not everything how does this compare in display, brightness, contrast and other ways.

Lavazza LM 3100Lavazza LM 3100 rated 8 out of 10

Sep 28, 2014 in Homes and Gardens
With such a name you would expect this machine to be made in Italy after all the Italians can make a very good cup of coffee. This machine however is made in Germany a country perhaps more famous for making quality cars, it is made by AEG.

A Jam HeadsetHMDX Jam Transit rated 6 out of 10

Sep 27, 2014 in Wireless Review : HMDX Jam Transit
In the past I have looked at a number of products from the HMDX range of Jam audio devices. Up till now these devices have been Bluetooth speakers but this next offering, while supporting Bluetooth and providing audio output, belongs to a different category of product. It is the Jam Transit. This is a set of wireless stereo headphones.

Tefal GrillTefal Grill rated 8 out of 10

Sep 26, 2014 in Homes and Gardens
This device can take the guesswork out of grilling food. It has special settings according to how well – or rare – you like your food cooked. It even has a mode to allow you to cook from frozen as well as special programs for certain items and even sausages grilled are healthier than fried.

review 835965 pageplus x8 publishing softwarPagePlus X8Serif PagePlus X8 rated 8 out of 10

Sep 25, 2014 in Software Review : Serif PagePlus X8
If, in the early part of 1991, you were looking to purchase Desktop Publishing (DTP) software then your choice would have been limited to xPress from Quark or Adobe’s InDesign. In both cases a price tag of several hundreds of pounds would have been involved. However if you had waited a few months then a third option would have entered the marketplace in the form of Serif’s PagePlus product. The launch of this product caused quite a stir as it came with a sub £100 price point.

review 835827 mysteries darkness hopA Collection of Mystery, Darkness and HopeFocus Multimedia Telsa's Toer: The Wardency Mystery Fantastic Creations: House of Brass Dark Hertitage: Guardians of Hope rated 9 out of 10

Mystery, darkness and hope come together in a triple pack from Focus Multimedia. Originally published by Big Fish Games, the three offerings making up this pack are Hidden Object Adventure games. The three titles are Tesla’s Tower: The Wardenclyffe Mystery, Fantastic Creations: House of Brass and Dark Heritage: Guardians of Hope.

review 836143 szamsung galaxy 2 android powered camerSamsung Galaxy 2 Camera and much more.Samsung Galaxy 2 Camera and much more  rated 8 out of 10

This is a camera as it has a conventional lens, flash, and shutter release; however it is also an Android unit that does everything that such unit’s do, so maybe someone needs to create another word to describe a camera with extra features.

review 835963 Buffalo LinkStation 210 Personal NAStoring and Accessing DataBuffalo LinkStation 210 rated 8 out of 10

Sep 23, 2014 in Misc Review : Buffalo LinkStation 210
As our personal store of data grows so does our need to access it from various locations. This next product offers a solution.

review 835769 Boompods Headpods Foldable Soft Touch HeadphoneBoomPods and HeadPods

Sep 22, 2014 in Entertainment
Here I am looking at two recent items from BoomBotics. Regular readers will remember their first UK offering last year a device for use on a bike among others. Here a Wireless (Bluetooth) Portable Speaker and a set of Headphones.

review 835765 Bluetooth HMDX HX P240BL JAM PLUS Wireless Rechargeable SpeakeJam Plus Rechargeable SpeakerJam Plus Rechargeable Speaker rated 9 out of 10

Sep 21, 2014 in Entertainment
It was at a Christmas In July event in 2013 that I first saw one of these. As sometimes happens there was glitch and it was only at their Christmas In July event at 2014 that one was available, however my tests seem to prove it was worth the wait.

review 835828 MIPOW Power Cube 7800 Portable ChargeDual RechargingMIPOW Power Cube 7800 rated 6 out of 10

Sep 20, 2014 in Misc Review : MIPOW Power Cube 7800
While this next product allows you to recharge two mobile devices simultaneously, it is not particularly quick at providing this service.

review 835531 D Link DSL 320B ADSL2+ Ethernet ModeD-Link’s ADSL Ethernet ModemD-Link%92s ADSL Ethernet Modem rated 9 out of 10

Sep 19, 2014 in Laptops/PCs/Apple
The D-Link DSL-320B ADSL 2+ ADSL Ethernet modem supports speeds of up to 24Mbps downstream and 2Mbps upstream and provides a simple and straightforward way of connecting a single PC to the Internet. It can equally well link the wireless router at the heart of one’s network to the outside world.

review 835767 Samsung UE48H6200 48  inch LCD 1080 pixels 200 Hz 3D TSamsung Smart TV UE48H6200AKSamsung Smart TV UE48H6200AK rated 7 out of 10

Sep 19, 2014 in Entertainment
I had a few days of watching my own 32inch TV before I had at accommodate yet another 48inch TV from Samsung; this was not a curved screen offering so it was even a little bit larger than their recently reviewed item.

review 835830 dragon naturally speaking 13 speech recognitioDragon Naturally Speaking 13Nuance DNS 13 rated 9 out of 10

Sep 18, 2014 in Software Review : Nuance DNS 13
Nuance’s market leading speech recognition software is now up to version 13 with the latest edition of Dragon Naturally Speaking. As with the previous versions of this package, Nuance has developed offerings aimed at different sectors of the market. With this version 13 of the product, you get the choice of Premium, the software used for this review, or that of the lower priced Home offering.

review 835601 rite of passage collectors editioLets Play Hide & SeekBig Fish Games Rite of Passage: Hide and Seek rated 8 out of 10

At some time in your life you will have played a game of hide and seek. I can remember one instance of playing the game in my grandparent’s pub. Unfortunately nobody realised I was playing the game and panic set in as they thought I had gone missing. Eventually I was discovered and everything returned to normal. Neither my version of the game or any that you have played would bear any resemblance to the Big Fish Hidden Object Adventure title of Rite of Passage: Hide and Seek.

review 835770 Humax DTR T2000 500GB YouView Receiver with HHumax YouViewHumax YouView rated 7 out of 10

Sep 17, 2014 in Entertainment
All PVRs work in slightly different ways to achieve the same goal. This is not important providing you know how your machine works. Here however is a machine that works differently in that you can watch items from up to a week before which you forgot to record.
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