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690034 pentax K 5 II SLR Digital CamerPentax K-5 II

Published in Cameras by paul_smart on May 8, 2013
Having looked at numerous digital cameras, some ‘Bridge’ units and only the occasional DSLR it is always nice to be stretched by one of the latter. A 300 page plus manual is always nice to digest as you try out some of the extras.

689110 Samsung EX2F Digital Compact Smart CamerSamsung EXF2

Published in Cameras by paul_smart on Apr 29, 2013
This is new camera from Samsung. It’s a digital offering verging on what some call a ‘Bridge’ unit. This is a full HD video unit with still images up to 12.4MP. It can take 4:3, 16:9 and 1:1. It has a flip out viewfinder like a lot of camcorders.

687473 Samsung NX1000 Digital Compact System CamerSamsung NX1000

Published in Cameras by paul_smart on Mar 20, 2013
This camera has a removable lens, mine came with a 20-50mm offering that is fine for a lot of normal images. However its small size could possibly have it confused with a basic digital camera, this it certainly is not.

686574 Canon PowerShot SX160 IS Digital CamerCanon PowerShot SX160IS

Published in Cameras by paul_smart on Mar 6, 2013
This is a camera that a proportion of the users will love as it uses ‘AA’ batteries. It looks almost basic in its design however it offers a decent zoom and a large image size yet it is small enough to fit inside the majority of pockets.

683987 TRENDnet TV IP262P survelience camerKeeping an ‘Eye’

Published in Cameras by paul_smart on Feb 27, 2013
It could be the baby, an elderly relative or even just your home when you are away. There are devices that can tell you what is happening no matter if you are in the kitchen or maybe in New York, they are security cameras.

683984 Sony NEX6 Interchangeable Lens Digital CamerSony NEX6L Camera

Published in Cameras by paul_smart on Feb 25, 2013
Since reviewing The NEX5 a couple of variety’s have emerged, however new cameras from Sony are not frequent so when I saw a prototype some months ago I immediately requested to review the new NEX6 when it was available.

682763 canon powershot s110 compact digital camerPowerShot S110

Published in Cameras by mfereday on Feb 2, 2013
My apologies to those who were hurrying home from work in Shoreditch recently and were accosted by a bunch of journalists, myself included, taking photos. It was not our fault; blame Canon who sent us out to check out a new camera.

681959 canon powershot sx5000is digital camerCanon PowerShot SX500 IS

Published in Cameras by paul_smart on Jan 25, 2013
The Canon PowerShot SX500-IS is another in the range from Canon, this one on a cursory glance could be confused with a small DSLR unit, it is however a digital unit with excellent zoom as well as other features making it almost a bridge unit.

677678 canon LEGRIA HF M52 camcorder compacCanon Legria HF M52

Published in Cameras by mfereday on Dec 25, 2012
It started out as an evening to check out a Canon camcorder but events turned out differently to what I expected.

680344 Nikon D3200 Digital SLR CamerNikon D3200

Published in Cameras by paul_smart on Dec 21, 2012
The Nikon D3200 is the DSLR has the ability to capture the largest images, at 24mega pixel, the highest definition I have ever reviewed. Just think for a moment one tenth of the image size should be enough to print an A4 image if you use it all.

676944 tableto photography ISBN 978 1 937538 04 Photography On The Tabletop

Published in Cameras by adrianmorant on Nov 25, 2012
Now that the days are getting shorter it is a good time for working indoors on tabletop photography whether it is to make a photographic record of valuable items, to illustrate adverts on ebay or purely for enjoyment. However, for those who have mainly taken photos outdoors using available light, possibly supplemented by fill-in lights, it is often daunting task to get started. Cyrill Harnischmacher’s book entitled Tabletop Photography, which has the sub-title Using C

676832 Samsung WB150F Digital CamerSamsung WB150F

Published in Cameras by paul_smart on Nov 14, 2012
Samsung have long produced a range of printers, notebooks and other electrical products including digital cameras. In the last few years they decided to use Micro SD cards for storage; here I am pleased to say it’s just SD here.

673900 nikon 1 v1 compact system camerNikon 1 V1 Kit

Published in Cameras by paul_smart on Oct 24, 2012
Last year I was at the launch of the Nikon 1 camera, and although I asked several times to review it I never got to the top of the list. Now however Nikon have just launched the Nikon 1 v1 which comes with two lenses.

672720 Canon G1 X 1Canon PowerShot G1X

Published in Cameras by paul_smart on Oct 12, 2012
This is a PowerShot but looking at it quickly you may consider it is DSLR unit as it is larger than the recent PowerShot offerings not in the battery area as it has a solid battery but all round as it is a chunky looking item.

672617 pentax k 01 interchangeable lens system camerA Pentax Camera

Published in Cameras by mfereday on Oct 9, 2012
Sometimes review products are available immediately but there are occasions when a great deal of patience is required before you get your hands on a product. This is a case of the latter.

669385 Pentax Optio WG 2 Digital CamerPentax Optio WG-2

Published in Cameras by paul_smart on Sep 21, 2012
These days’ people do not want to put their camera away when it rains and here a unit that goes one stage further with special modes for use under water. However it still takes decent images and movies in more normal conditions.

667464 lumix DMC TZ30EB K Compact CamerPanasonic Lumix TZ30

Published in Cameras by paul_smart on Sep 5, 2012
A small digital camera from a company that does a whole raft of electrical items which naturally include cameras. This is perhaps one of their smallest as they also do a range of DSLR units apart from the pocket Lumix range.

667461 Nikon COOLPIX L310 Compact Digital CamerNikon Coolpix L310

Published in Cameras by paul_smart on Aug 31, 2012
Not a DSLR but not a unit that fits easily into a pocket. This is larger than most digital cameras as it charged by ‘AA’ batteries and therefore the right hand has a solid grip should you decide not to use the supplied neck strap.

665781 canon powershot a4000iCanon PowerShot A4000IS

Published in Cameras by paul_smart on Aug 6, 2012
Canon does a lot of professional cameras however they also have two ranges, Ixus and PowerShot, suitable for home and pocket use. Here the latest offering, the Canon PowerShot A4000IS, in what used to be the larger of the two small units - the PowerShot, which has shrunk.

664701 pentax k01 digital slr camerPentax K-01

Published in Cameras by paul_smart on Jul 18, 2012
It seems a long time since I have been able to enjoy the extras of a DSLR camera. So the arrival of this Pentax offering that I first saw at a London launch last autumn was an eagerly and long awaited event to savour.

664196 beyond point and shoot darrell young booMoving Up From Point And Shoot

Published in Cameras by adrianmorant on Jul 16, 2012
Beyond Point-and-Shoot which is subtitled “Learning to use a digital SLR or interchangeable-lens camera” is a very useful book that provides a large amount of useful photographic information without assuming that the reader has any previous knowledge. In addition to its target audience, who will find it invaluable, it provides many of the answers to questions that one has not dared ask and so will be of value to anyone who wishes to have a better understanding of photographi